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HighFive: Theme – Meg Ryan


The Women 

Designer Mary (Meg Ryan) is married to Steven and has a daughter Molly. Her best friend Sylvie, a fashion magazine editor, though aware of Steven’s affair with Crystal (Eva Mendes), hesitates to tell Mary. Mary asks Steven for a divorce and Mary’s friends Sylvie, Edie and writer Alex stand by her in her hour of need. But faced with losing her job, Sylvie gives a gossip columnist information about Mary’s marital woes in return for an article. Mary gets fired and opens her own design firm. She bonds with Molly, who reveals that Steven’s relationship with Crystal is breaking up. Mary reconciles with Sylvie and her husband. A magazine is published with the four friends on the cover. The movie was considered to be ‘well-crafted entertainment’ and the film was a moderate BO hit.

In the Land of Women 

films 2Carter (Adam Brody) has a break-up with his lover Sofia (Elena Anaya). Carter’s mother explains that her mother Phyllis is dying. So he flies to Michigan to care for her. A family consisting of Paige, Lucy (Kristen Stewart) and their mother Sarah (Meg Ryan) live across Phyllis’ home. Carter reaches his grandmother’s home and Sarah introduces herself to Carter. Sarah and Carter talk about their lives and Carter mentions Sofia while Sarah admits that she has cancer. Sarah tells Carter to never speak to them again after Carter and Lucy share a kiss. Sarah gets cured and she reconciles with Carter whose grandmother has died. Carter returns home and writes a script about his grandmother. It was said that characters in the drama film were underdeveloped but the film’s gross exceeded the film’s budget.

Kate & Leopold

films 3In this romantic-comedy fantasy, Prince Leopold and Duke of Albany (Hugh Jackman), is very interested in the sciences and after meeting Stuart (Liev Schreiber) a physicist, ends up travelling through time from New York in 1876 to 21st century New York. Now Leopold must stay inside the apartment for a week, until he can travel back in time. Here Leopold meets career woman Kate (Meg Ryan). Initially they can’t stand each other, especially after she demands that he take the dog for a walk. Later Kate and Leopold fall in love as they tour New York. Leopold travels back in time and Kate choosing a life with Leopold over her career travels to 1876, where Leopold announces Kate as his bride-to-be.

Proof of Life 

films 4The kidnap action thriller is reportedly best remembered as the film during which the two lead actors (Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe) had a romantic affair. In a fictional South American country, Alice’s (Meg Ryan) husband Peter (David Morse) who is hired to build a dam gets abducted by guerrilla rebels who believe Peter works for an oil pipeline company. Ex-SAS veteran Terry (Russell Crowe), in view of his skill, is hired by Peter’s company to bring Peter back safely. But Peter’s company has no insurance coverage for kidnapping so they cannot afford Terry’s services. Following his conscience, Terry tries to help Alice and bargains with the rebels to reduce the ransom amount to one that she can afford. Terry and Alice start getting attracted to each other. Terry brings Peter back safely even as he and Alice share a final moment together.

City of Angels 

films 5Angel Seth (Nicolas Cage) is responsible for guiding those who are close to death to the next life. While waiting for a man undergoing surgery, Seth is impressed by surgeon Maggie’s (Meg Ryan) efforts to save the man’s life and her anguish at her inability to do so. Seth gets attracted to Maggie and decides to become human. Maggie realises that he has given up his exalted status for her love. But in an accident she passes away. When Seth questions if he’s being punished for leaving heaven, he is asked if he would have become human if he’d known this would happen. Seth replies, “I’d rather have had one breath of her hair… than eternity without it.” With the other angels watching, Seth expresses his joy at being human.