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HighFive: Theme – Jennifer Aniston


Just go with it 

Upset with his fiancée cheating on him, Danny (Adam Sandler) calls off the wedding. At a bar he meets a young woman and to avoid romantic commitment and heartbreak, lies that his wife has left him. He continues with the lie for many years and only his office manager, friend and a single mother Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), is aware of it. Danny gets attracted to Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) and wants to marry her. To make Palmer believe his lie, Danny asks Katherine and her kids to act like his to-be-divorced wife and kids. One lie leads to many more and many more comedic situations. But while acting as Katherine’s husband, Danny and Katherine get attracted to each other and get married while Palmer meets a like-minded tennis player. The rom-com displays Aniston’s expert comic timing and turned out to be a BO hit.

The Switch 

"THE SWITCH" (L-R) Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston Ph: Macall Polay ©2010 Baster Productions, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

Against her friend Wally’s (Jason Bateman) objections, Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) selects handsome and married Roland (Patrick Wilson) to be the sperm donor. Drunk, Wally accidentally replaces Roland’s sample with his own. Kassie returns to New York years later with a son Sebastian (Thomas Robinson). Wally bonds with the mini-version of himself. Considering Roland (now divorced) to be her child’s father, Kassie starts dating him. Noticing similarities between himself and Sebastian, Wally puts the pieces together of what might have occurred years ago. Wally tells Kassie that Sebastian is his son and reveals his love for her. Initially Kassie is shocked but later she discloses that she too loves him, despite his idiosyncrasies. Years later Wally and Kassie celebrate Sebastian’s birthday together. The warm, quirky film is backed by appealing performances.

The Good Girl 

films 3Justine (Jennifer Aniston) is a depressed middle-aged woman married to painter Phil (John Reilly) who spends his free time smoking marijuana with his friend Bubba (Tim Blake Nelson). Justine works at a store where she meets and falls for the new cashier Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal). She tells Holden how she feels unappreciated by Phil and has sex with him in a motel room. Justine tells Holden that what they’re doing is wrong. Bubba blackmails Justine into sleeping with him by threatening to tell Phil about her affair if she refuses. Holden steals money from the store’s safe and tells her to join him but Justine informs the police and Holden kills himself. Though aware of her affair, Phil reconciles with Justine. Watch this dark dramedy, about emotional turmoil, for Jennifer Aniston’s exceptionally thoughtful performance.

The Object Of My Affection

films 4Nina (Jennifer Aniston) while attending a party given by her stepsister Constance and her husband Sidney meets George (Paul Rudd), a handsome teacher. Nina has a boyfriend Vince (John Pankow) and offers George a room in her apartment since George is looking for a place to stay. Accepting Nina’s offer, George moves into her apartment and the two become best friends. Nina gets pregnant with Vince’s child, but finds her love for George growing every day, unaware that he is gay. George reveals that he loves Nina, but as a friend. On one occasion when Nina is heading home she gets mugged and a friendly police officer Louis (Kevin Carroll) helps her. After giving birth to a girl, Nina has a relationship with Louis. The rom-com was a BO hit.

She’s The One 

films 5Mickey (Edward Burns) is unhappy about ex-fiancée Heather (Cameron Diaz) and brother Francis (Mike McGlone) is married to Renee (Jennifer Aniston) but having a secret affair with Heather. When the brothers visit their father Frank (John Mahoney), he gives them advice. Mickey gets married to Hope and discovers she had a ‘lesbian affair’ with one of her co-workers. Francis files for divorce to marry Heather but hesitates on learning that she was a prostitute earlier. Now Renee is in a relationship. Mickey and Francis meet their father and he tells them that their mother has just left him for another man. Frank apologizes for giving them ill-advised sarcasm instead of fatherly wisdom. They decide they will always have each other. Watch the film for performances by Mahoney, Diaz and Aniston.