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HighFive: Theme: Al Pacino


Righteous Kill 

Detectives ‘Turk’ (Robert De Niro) and ‘Rooster’ (Al Pacino) are working on a case involving the ‘Poetry Boy’ serial killer who is so called due to his murdering criminals and leaving short poems with their bodies. After Poetry Boy assaults a Russian mobster it is suspected that Turk is the Poetry Boy due to his marksmanship skills. But Turk proves his innocence due to having the ‘wrong’ gun and inappropriate poem. Later Rooster kills a gangster. It is revealed that Rooster lost his faith in justice after Turk, a ‘righteous’ cop, planted a gun at the house of a murderer to get him convicted. Watch the crime thriller to see if Turk gets Rooster arrested for his crimes.

Ocean’s Thirteen

Ocean (George Clooney, M.), Ryan (Brad Pitt, l.) und Caldwell (Matt Damon,r.) wollen Casinobesitzer Bank seine fiese Tour heimzahlen - genau an dem Abend, an dem er seinen größten Triumph feiern möchte: die Eröffnung seines neuen Casinos ...

Reuben (Elliott Gould) is conned by former business partner Bank (Al Pacino) in signing over ownership rights of a new casino they were building together. After Reuben becomes bedridden, to avenge him, Danny Ocean (George Clooney) gathers his partners-in-crime and plans to ruin Bank. First, they plan to prevent the hotel from winning the prestigious Five Diamond Award and then plan to rig the casino’s slot machines and games. This requires defeating ‘Greco’ a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system. After simulating an earthquake and, with Greco disrupted, guests will leave the hotel with their massive winnings in view of evacuation protocol. Does the plan work or will Bank get Ocean arrested? Watch the comedy heist which is the third and final installment in the Ocean’s Trilogy.


film3After director Viktor Taransky’s (Al Pacino) actress Nicola (Winona Ryder) refuses to finish his film, he becomes desperate for a replacement. He experiments with a programme which allows creation of a computer-generated woman and names his virtual actor ‘Simone’ after the computer programme’s title, Simulation One. Simone (Rachel Roberts) gives a fantastic performance and the film becomes a huge hit. Viktor uses remote location video live interviews and as Simone becomes famous and wins an Academy Award, Viktor tries to discredit Simone by having her drink, smoke and curse but this backfires and she is perceived as refreshingly honest. Viktor dumps the hard drive at sea and gets arrested for Simone’s murder. Watch what Viktor does to prove his innocence in this sci-fi romantic comedy.

Carlito’s Way 

film4In 1975 New York after serving a prison sentence, Carlito Brigante (Al Pacino) is freed using a technicality by his lawyer Dave Kleinfeld (Sean Penn). Brigante vows that he is finished with crime and returns to his Spanish neighbourhood. He then rekindles a romance with former girlfriend Gail (Penelope Ann Miller). Due to certain circumstances, Italian mobsters plan to kill Brigante and Brigante realises that the District Attorney too is determined to put him back behind bars. He is chased by gangsters so Brigante buys train tickets to Miami for himself and Gail, who is now pregnant. But does Brigante manage to get the train and start a new life with Gail? Watch the urban-underworld crime drama based on Judge Edwin Torres’ novel Carlito’s Way.

And Justice for All

film5Attorney Arthur (Al Pacino) punches Judge Fleming while arguing the case of Jeff who was arrested for a minor traffic offense but was later mistaken for a killer. Jeff snaps, takes two hostages and gets shot by snipers. Arthur then asks his friend Warren to handle the case of Ralph, who has become a victim of the legal system. But when Warren fails to appear on time, Ralph gets jailed and hangs himself. Arthur is requested to defend Fleming, who is accused of raping a woman. Fleming admits that he is guilty of the rape and makes a casual remark to Arthur about wanting to rape the victim again, which pushes Arthur to breaking point. When Judge Rayford shouts that Arthur is ‘out of order’, Arthur replies, “You’re out of order! The whole trial’s out of order!” So will Arthur’s anger cost him his career or put Fleming in jail? Watch the courtroom drama about the abuse of the legal system.