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Working It Out: Agony Aunt deals with questions on problems faced at workplace


Unable to focus

I recently started work and I am a fresher at this new company. As such I do not have heavy responsibility but as a new employee I am still figuring what my expertise are and hence my boss recommended I assist people in several departments and in my feedback they will recommend what I should pursue further. I am happy with this but what bothers me is that if I am giving more than three to four work at a time I lose focus and I end up doing nothing, or even if I push myself to finish I cannot do the task well and may leave it completely half done or abruptly finished. Why does this happen to me? I fear is this goes on I will not be able to please my boss and he may fire me. I see everybody multi-tasking and working so hard I feel I will never reach to that expectation.

Ans: If you are driving and talking on the phone as well as texting you are multi-tasking. This is possible as one of these activities is learnt and is operating from your un-conscious mind, so ideally you are only paying you full attention to the task that needs to be done with your conscious efforts. You need practice and time for the expertise you are looking for and probably your boss knows that you will need some sort of training before you start taking up actual work and hence have given you time for the same. With practice you will be able to do a couple of task together, like your experienced colleagues. Also what can help you is to manage your timings better, meaning you can learn a bit of time management which will assist you to priorities the task and accordingly manage doing the task quickly one after the other and finish before the deadline.

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Working against principles

I am an aggressive person when it comes to proving my point or at least in the circumstances when I know I am right. This has always helped me to achieve my goals and be confident about my decision most of my career life. Now I assist a very well known and famous lawyer who is very good at what he does and he is super busy but when it comes to his client ethics there certain things I dislike. For instance he really makes the clients wait for hours for consultation and he will at times take some bias calls for the companies benefit. In such scenario I am expected to follow what he does blindly and I believe I am working against my principle and hence I may lose my pride of never indulging into wrong doing. I understand he is busy and not making the clients wait on purpose, he works 12 to 14 hours a day but I have many a times suggested him some efficient ways to avoid this but he dismisses it every time. What should I do whether continue and feel bad about myself or quit and lose the opportunity to work with him?

Ans:  You cannot always expect things to go your way, at time even if it is for your future, you may have to swallow your pride and keep calm. That need not suggest that you should succumb to the situation blindly but do the best that is for your prospective days. You need to do a little thinking as to what is important to you, your code of conduct or your job experience. You can then put your decision into action. Whatever your call, it’s important to keep in mind that an attitude of, my way or high way does not work in good career set up. You have to work with cordial feelings and be assertive instead of aggressive and get your way with utmost care, at times being diplomatic or using your strategies to have a formal but a compassionate relationship with your colleagues and boss.

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