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Working It Out: Agony Aunt deals with problems in professional lives


Feeling guilty

 I just hired a new intern a few days ago and she is a brilliant worker and everyone in the office was happy. However, the other day the same intern stole our customer’s phone and denied the same. This caused a lot of problem in office and the intern was fired. While all those inconvenience by this have been very understanding about the whole thing, I personally, am feeling very guilty – it was my responsibility to hire an able intern, and I chose badly. Everyone’s niceness to me only makes me feel guiltier – what do I do?

ans: Humans make mistakes, when it’s a fresh one everybody will remember it and they’ll keep reminding you of it. You can however work towards new work aspects that you can prove you are good at and move on instead of hoping for forgiveness from all others. What has happened is in the past, you learn from the mistakes and assure the authorities you will not repeat them and move ahead. You can also apologies so that others feel you have accepted your mistake and they will stop taunting you eventually for what you have done. Once you have gone wrong doing something doesn’t mean it’s the end of your career, you still have a long way to achieve and you will make mistakes but that’s how you climb the ladder and move up.

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Waste of time & effort

When I interviewed for my job, I was glad to be assigned by my boss – he seemed charming and understanding and a generally a good teacher. Three months in, however, I feel like I am wasting my time. This is a growing company, they have employed more people than they need, and inputs are not taken in terms of their value, or relevance – only seniority. So obviously no one takes me seriously because I’m at the bottom of the food chain. It is really frustrating, watching them ignore my suggestion, do the other thing, waste days and resources, and come back to doing exactly what I’d said. I think I want to quit, but I don’t want to be impulsive either. What do you think?

Ans: There are two things you can do either quiet as you feel this is wasting your time and rather you spend your efforts in a place where its valued, or as it seems that they eventually do what you had earlier advised possibly suggest that it’s not that they give you a deaf ear but they just don’t give you the required credit and is that’s the case then you need to figure out a smart plan to gain your importance. If it’s the later that you think is true and you want to work on the strategy to be recognized at work, be very observant, watch and learn from the environment. See how your colleagues get their ways, or what will help your boss to change his approach, talk to someone close to you at work who can help you out with this. Probably this requires some experience in terms of playing the right games and not to worry you will eventually get it with life experiences. Just be bold at the same time tactful with your work to climb this food chain. Be patient and you’ll be there.

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Mechanical routine

 I am 30 years old and very good at my work, and I am working in this office since 10 years now. I am always praised and appreciated for my efforts, as everybody has seen my progressive work since all these years. People look up to me and they pray for the position I am in and ideally I should not complain about anything, my salary, my work, my designation is all one could wish for. I still somewhere feel that lack and I still cannot feel very content at the end of my day. I feel I have become very mechanical in my approach, doing the same work just with more responsibility as I move up the ladder. There is no looking forward in terms of reaching to work and feeling that pump to achieve my work goals. In fact I feel if I continue like this I will slip into depression.

Ans: there are two options you can opt for one is to bring in some exciting element to your work or another is to take a good long break from your dull routine. The first one can take time but might stay permanently and the later one is temporarily but a quick relief. Also what you can do to make yourself more content, is to approach a professional life coach, who can help you develop good life goals, help you develop passion and keep you life more balanced and manageable. These sessions will aim to partner you in a thought-provoking process. You need to optimize your potential in such a way that you stay motivated and have a sense of accomplishment. Take regular breaks from your mundane task to revive yourself and get back to work fresh. Think of the downers of your day and try to minimize them or eliminate from your schedule and gradually replace it by things that are of your interest.