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Why it’s important to have the main entry door in the right position


Dr Harshit Kapadia helps us understand the importance of having the main entry door in the right position

Doors and windows are gateway for energy to enter any premises. In previous articles we saw the importance of opening the windows for better flow of energy. Doors are the main source for human energy to enter any premises. Position of the door, its angle, shape, size, colour and design has tremendous impact on overall energy of the property.

Principles at work

As per the theory of Vastu and Feng Shui there are various principles and calculations to evaluate and ascertain whether the entrance door of any property is strong, average or weak; whether its supporting the occupants or isn’t. Main entrance door is considered as gateway of opportunities. As per the traditional principles even the door frame has equal importance in Vastu. From ancient times, doors and door frames have been very symbolic. Different cultures used to have different designs and colours for the doors. A door can help occupants with a great new beginning, challenge or opportunity depending on various aspects. There are several ways to enhance the energy level at the entry point.

Various principles of the entrance are discussed between people wherein they get very confused, especially when a person is buying new premises. One needs to understand in detail about the entrance, with guidance of an expert.

Direction matters

The most commonly heard and discussed topic in Vastu is the direction which the main entrance faces. People get confused with the directions, how directions are checked and which direction is good or bad. One has to be educated that direction what are commonly hear and discussed are just eight directions, however, Vastu and Feng Shui uses a very detailed system of directions. General eight directions cannot judge whether entrance is good or bad. There are eight basic directions; however, there are micro directions within each quadrant wherein each and every micro grid represents something. It is important to consider date of birth of the occupants to check and understand favourable and unfavourable directions for him / her.

In addition to this, it is very important to understand in which quadrant and grid the entrance if located and its precise alignment with respect to walls, property and directions. We cannot say in general that north and east facing doors are good, west is average and south is avoidable. Each and every micro direction has different implications on the occupants.

Is it a myth?

A myth that is commonly followed that all doors must open clockwise. One has to understand that the entrance is gateway of energy, hanging of the door is very important. Even through the door is located in the most favourable direction / orientation but if the hanging of the door (door opening) is not correct, it blocks free flow of energy. Hanging of the door needs to be precisely checked by an expert for free flow of energy into the premises and inside all the rooms / cabins. Generally it is important to note that main entrance of any premises opens inside and not outside.

Other common question comes from people is whether to have safety doors / grill doors in front of main door. The logic is that safety door is generally with wood with grill or glass. Such doors are not considered as main entrances. Main entrance are the ones which are solid, hence safety door can be used in front of main entrance. Safety doors can open outwards. The size of safety door must be same as the main door.

Few important guidelines:

  • If there is an obstruction opposite to the main entrance of the house such a pillar, tree, well etc it imbalances and blocks the energy flow. Any obstruction opposite the main entrance whether from outside or from inside affects the free flow of air, light and energy, and when people look at such objects, they tend to get mentally upset. In such cases, it is ideally suggested to shift the door position.
  • The breadth, length and height of the main entrance must be well proportioned.  If not the aesthetic beauty is marred thus creating an ill feeling in the mind of the occupants. Too tall and slim or too short and wide doors create imbalance in the flow of energy. In addition to aesthetic beauty, look and feel, Vastu and Feng Shui uses detailed calculations for the sizes of the main entrance, which is calculated by an expert while making the door.
  • Alignment of the main entrance must be checked property. Door should be aligned vertically well without slanting inward or outward form top or bottom.
  • Door and doorway area must be well light. This is very important for apartments where there is no natural light in the lobby.


  • Two windows / fixed glass on the either side of the main door are considered good.
  • It is recommended to place upward facing lamp on both the sides of the entrance form outside.
  • Wood is generally considered good material for the entrance. Wooden frames are considered good. Avoid using metal frames for the doors.
  • The door and its frame must be rectangle in shape, avoid arc shaped doors / frames.
  • Two small height plants can be placed on both the side of the main entrance from outside. Avoid thorny plants / creepers / plants that droop downwards.

(Dr Harshit Ravindra Kapadia is a Vastu and Feng Shui expert)