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Why it is important to follow your curiosity


Science is not directly involved in improving mankind, but just to understand complicated issues.

Once you are amidst ‘Nobles’, thoughts automatically gets elevated. I was fortunate to have heard not one but four Nobel Laureates in flesh and blood, at the Nobel Prize Series event recently in Goa. What touched my heart and soul was the advice given by Nobel laureates to those young school uniform clad intellectuals.

NOBEL SPEAK: Children living in the farmhouses are healthier and closer to nature. Parents must let their children free to explore the wonders of science. We must follow our own interest and develop talent. If you do not like a field, do not hesitate in switching it, take risks.

A healthy setting broadens our views. Be your own master and discover things. Learn from what you have. If one wants to jump into the field of research, it is mandatory that he/she must travel to the foreign universities in order to derive new perspectives and broaden the scientific horizon. To obtain the best research project, one must have colleagues who have a different viewpoint. If you have a good team, you get the best results.

However, after a certain period of time, they must return to their homeland. India is a hub of world’s best universities. Hence, make the best use of your own resources.

Find a niche which is less populated. It helps in building a realistic and original content. Have confidence in yourself and believe that nothing is impossible. Come out with good ideas. Understand the basics, read more books, sort your priorities, be creative and love science. Only then, you will succeed.

Science is a universal agent of truth. Hence, understanding its history is essential. It is important not be misguided and careful with your opinions. The foundation training should be robust.

Usage of simple words by these great minds drove across some of the most valuable points of life. We need to be curious in life. Today most of us are affected by ‘we know it all’ syndrome. Till this date there is not a single soul who really knows it all and everything. There is always a scope for curiosity about new observations and experiences. One must dare to ask. By doing so you shall take the first step towards understanding the basics of what you want or always wanted to know.

In olden days experiments done with the inner compartments of matchbox to create a telephone or burning cotton by passing the sun rays through an magnifying glass used to give us tremendous high. For us it was a great source of learning science through self-made experiments. You can call it an outlet for our curious minds.

Today, once again these small wonders of life must be shown to the kids by their parents. They should share with them what they once enjoyed in childhood. In order to meet the future challenges before mankind, we must nurture knowledge, education and creativity in these tender hearts. Who knows, we might just sow the seed for yet another Nobel laureate.