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Why it is good to be a black hole


Stop the flow of negativity; stop the chain reaction to misery, writes APARNA KAPOOR

Aspiring to be equipoise

The concept of Blackhole fascinates every child no end. How can something which is nothing actually, hold everything, one may wonder. But when we talk in spiritual context, all the scriptures and the wise men talk about being at peace and harmony, about being one with thyself and remain equipoised in any and every given circumstance. If one further analysis, it actually implies at being a black hole of sorts ourselves. Someone who can absorb whatever comes to it without differentiating and just be holding everything within, neither letting out anything nor give a trace outside of what lies beneath; surely is a mammoth task, one may believe. Well, not really if one decides to sustain and exist; come what may. Because a black hole absorbs and exists forever, and we do want to sustain and exist in peace with ourselves; even if it’s not forever.

Human Black Holes

Let’s further analyse. If you think closely; we do act like a black hole when we are happy and are in our comfort zone. Very smartly and quietly we keep absorbing all the goodness which comes our way without making any hue or cry about it. Forget being humble about it or feel the gratitude, we fail to even acknowledge the presence of happiness in our lives and take everything for granted. So much so that we become so self-centred and involved with the existing happiness quotient of our lives that we sometimes fail to acknowledge other’s plights, struggles, misery. We forget our compassion, we forget to love, we forget to share, we forget to care.

Black holes are we? Not really; because come misery, discomfort or anything unexpected, we start to ooze, overflow; we not only acknowledge our plight but try and pull everyone in the whirlpool of our sufferings and expect everyone to not only be witness to the situation or empathise with us but also expect others to feel and be a part of our pain and sufferings. Rarely would you see people suffering silently; they want to know the world to know about their agony and distress. Step out from your comfort zone and there starts the endless saga of self-pity, agony, cribbing, crying and complaining; black hole? Well, not in such circumstances as well.

Being choosy

So the point in question is that we all are partial Black Holes, we choose our situations to act as one. We are black holes during good times (from our point of view) but fail the test and stop acting like one, when adversities come to pay even a short visit to us. We reject, we refuse and do not accept what we think is not good for us or in other words is not what we desire.

Black hole is immense, unlimited, persistent and perpetual. Think deeply; aren’t we blessed with the same qualities, like that of a black hole? The capacities and capabilities of a human have surprised humans themselves, time and again. There are umpteenth examples of humans excelling their own selves.  We perhaps are not even aware of all the qualities and immense potential we are living with. But there is only one thing which makes us incomparable to a black hole. And that is, we refuse to hold. Hold we do, but only selectively; and that’s where we fail. Fail to be in equipoise state of our mind, the most sought-after and talked about state of human mind, in all worldly and spiritual contexts.

But ironically, nature has created all of us to be black holes, to be one with ourselves, established with perfect peace and equipoise with ourselves but we distract ourselves from being one. We have lost the capacity to hold and absorb, lost the capacity to bear, lost the capacity to tolerate, lost the capacity to accept, lost the capacity to know the immense potential of being a HUMAN!!

Not a bad deal

But it pays to be a black hole. Your gains are multidimensional. By holding on, one doesn’t only create a positive environment for oneself but also creates a breeding ground for positivity for people around oneself; resulting into happiness and peace for all.

Well, for those who still are struggling to know what the point of being a black hole is all about let us summarise it.

To rise up to a level, where negativity stops flowing ahead of us is being a Black Hole. (Yes, that includes not to gossip, spread rumours or even forward those ugly, horrid, disturbing stuff on social media.) To digest success and failures with same ease and comfort is being a Black Hole. To hold on to everything good and bad with perfect balance and dignity is being a Black Hole. To tolerate with ease is being a Black Hole. Not to crib, cry and complain is being a Black Hole. Not to brag about one’s success is being a Black Hole. To help others find their own Black Hole within them is being a Black Hole.

Black hole does not make choice between what it desires and what it gets; it acceptsperiod.