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Whose God is it anyway, yours or mine?


With globalisation, world has shrunk. Families now are seen with both parents from different faiths or religion; in this scenario how does one decide or tell the kids, which “God” to worship or follow!, wonders APARNA KAPOOR

Who/where is Almighty?

All of us enjoyed the long weekend last week, with Mahavir Jayanti and Good Friday, falling back to back. Our country enjoys diversities in faiths and religions. We grow up celebrating every festival, not to mention that the holidays associated with these festivals are what we are more interested in. I remember, when my kids were younger, they both asked me the same question about God. “where is God?” “who is God?” “why can’t we ‘see’ him?”; are some common questions which I am sure every parent has dealt with. Sometimes able to convince them and sometimes getting confused and jumbled up ourselves while explaining; hushing them away feeling cornered.

And this generation kids are difficult to be convinced easily. They need proper logical explanation, unlike the previous generation, when their encyclopedia and Google were just their parents. Whatever they told the kids needed no proof or further explanations. They were accepted. Well, but such questions keep haunting and remain unanswered even for most of the grownups too.

The reason I can think is, that we as humans want to believe only those things which we can perceive through our sense organs; anything beyond that limitation fails to “exist” for us. If we can ‘see’ something with our eyes, makes some noise which we can ‘hear’ through our ears, emits out a certain odor which we can ‘smell’ through our nose or something which we can touch and ‘feel’ or has a taste which can be judged by our tongue passes the criteria of being present and apparent and hence the truth.

He is an experience

But God is much more than what is perceived through the sense organs. God is an “experience”; one step further ahead of the direct perception of the sense organs. This can be understood something close to the “feeling” or “experience” by us through these sense organs.

Try to go deeper within yourself. You can taste, smell, touch, hear and see but can you describe the feeling of these experiences? Can you describe the sweetness of the chocolate you are having to the person standing right next to you, who is not having that chocolate? Can you prove it? Can you put it in words? But does that mean that the chocolate is not sweet? The person who will see you eating the chocolate would know what kind of “experience” you must be going through. It is hence not always necessary to actually eat the chocolate to know the pleasure which lies in its taste. God and his presence is also similar, do not insist on the actual and physical evidence of it but try and see what is not visible and experience what perhaps is not evident.

God exists – in abundance – all around us, we only have to go ahead and “experience” him.

God is the energy, power, source which is holding on this entire cosmos. In fact, he is the reason for the existence of this cosmos to be there. He is the driving force through which the whole cosmos works in perfect harmony. God is nature, which is sustaining life on this planet.

And when we say God is in every one of us, that is true too because the “goodness” or the “divinity” exists in each one of us; evident in some, a bit is hidden in others. The definition of goodness and divinity is same for everyone because God is truth and truth is persistent; it is the same for everyone. Hence it proves that the divinity or that small voice which sticks to the right always within you somewhere every time you are about to falter is nothing but “God” within ourselves.

Whom should I worship?

One may ask about the number of Gods and faiths we worship and choose to believe. But the fact remains that God is ONE only but the powers and mediums through which he manifests himself are varied because God is varied. God is in a gentle breeze as much as in a tornado. But to understand and appreciate this versatility of that supreme power, our small intellect falls short.

Truth is, that it’s not difficult to understand God, one only needs to do a few things.

  • Firstly, we need to accept things which are beyond our knowledge and understanding. It’s not that whatever we now is the only perception and knowledge that exists. There are a few concepts which fall beyond our periphery of understanding. Instead of trying to prove them wrong, try and push the periphery of your own perception. ‘God’ is a vast concept, cannot be bounded by certain specific definitions and point of views.
  • Identify and realise that there’s goodness and divinity in yourself.
  • Look beyond what is apparent. Appreciate the complexities in simple things of nature around you.
  • Open yourself up and break free from your old acceptances. Render yourself receptive for whatever is evident and apparent but more for whatever, which is not. Try and read between the lines what nature whispers in our ears all the time.

All the various Gods and faiths are just ways to realize the ONE single truth, the source, the goodness and divinity in our own self. One, who has touched his own divinity and lives by it, has encountered God in a way.

The basic human trait is being divine. I may relate to Krishna to bring out the divinity in myself but you may relate to Ganesha or Buddha or Allah or Jesus to do the same. The various Gods are nothing but indicative manifestations of various human traits. These names of faiths will not make my divinity any different from yours; because as I said earlier, divine is truth and truth is constant and persistent.

Connect with your soul and feel the divine

We may have a noisy debate over supremacy OF ONE “God” over another; but the fact remains that these are only different ways to reach your own God within, your own divinity, and your inner consciousness. In other words; to reconnect with your own human traits, which are only of love and compassion for ALL.

So, let’s not waste our time in looking for evidences of God, let’s realise the power and magnificence of God with each breath we take, let’s try and “see” God within ourselves, in each other. Have you ever realized the magnificence of nature and its harmony? How the entire cosmos is working quietly in perfect coordination with all the elements of life and survival; have you ever wondered? All this power to sustain and persist around the entire cosmos is nothing but manifestation of God in various elements, forms and ways.

Well, if you really want to know God, stop slotting out the human race on the basis of religion or beliefs. God and divinity is in each one of us, its high time we wake up to the fact; because life is too short and time is running out. Let us aim for own moksha while still alive.

So next time you wonder which God to worship or your child corners you to prove the evidence of God or when you and your partner from a different faith sit down to decide which faith will your child adopt; keep it simple while explaining or making a decision – Be connected with your own divinity and keep your humanity alive, your faith and religion will automatically be evident – that of a Human being.