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Where there is ‘Hope’ there is no fear


A man looks out towards the skyline from a promenade overlooking Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong on August 2, 2016, as storm clouds pass during a "T8" storm signal raised for Typhoon Nida. Hong Kong shut down on August 2 as Typhoon Nida brought violent winds and torrential rain, with hundreds of flights cancelled and the stock market, schools and businesses closed, as the storm headed across southern China.

On a dark cloudy day!

At times smallest of the smallest act teaches a wonderful lesson in life 

I could see the dark clouds approaching, they were moving faster then I had expected. Strong winds during monsoon make such unexpected moments happen. Many times you carry your umbrella expecting it will rain, but not a single drop falls. And when you are confident that it will not rain and step out keeping your umbrella home, you return fully drenched as if you had deliberately gone out to enjoy monsoon showers. So many occasions it has happened with all of us. 

Now the dark clouds had covered almost the entire sky, it appeared like a late evening at noon. At a distance, I could see a young boy standing under the temporary makeshift shade erected by nearby construction site workers. He was constantly looking upwards with fright clearly visible on his face. I was sure he resided somewhere nearby but was scared to move out of the protective zone to head towards home. I went up to him and enquired if I could be of any help. It took him a while to open up with regard to his fright, a kind of phobia he has with regard to dark clouds. 

Till that day I was aware of individuals afraid of thunder and lightning, fear of dark clouds was something new to me. Somehow at that moment, my priority was to make the boy feel at ease rather than understanding more about his phobia. I told him about how I look at the dark clouds whenever they come during monsoon. For me, the dark clouds carry the essence of life. They bring along the water in form of rainfall that is actually instrumental in the existence of all living creatures. But more so they also symbolize a lot with our day to day happenings. 

I told that boy to step aside in the open and by raising his hands upward try to embrace those dark clouds. Tell them you are here to receive the shower of life and would henceforth not be afraid of them but rather love them. He did not move even an inch, I did not expect him to do that either. After all the fear of dark clouds within him was for years. How could one get rid of it so easily and that too on a stranger’s few minutes talk?

It was much darker than before now, any moment it would rain. I was also in two minds whether to stay back with this boy and give him company in his dreadful moments or head back home to avoid a bout of cold followed by medicines the next day. Even before I could take a call, the boy suddenly ran towards the road opposite completely oblivious to the thick blanket of dark clouds above his head. He caught hold of a puppy whom he lovingly called ‘HOPE’ and ran into the by lanes where he rightfully belonged. 

Next day he came searching for me and thanked me for giving him company during those dark cloud moments. I could not resist but ask him, what made him forget his fear for that one moment when he ran across to take that puppy home. He said it was his puppy who had come out in search of him as he had not returned back from college and every time he would return he would carry biscuits for him. Seeing him helplessly hunting for me I forgot my fear for that moment and the only thing that came to my mind was saving his life.

That monsoon day taught me a new lesson of life…where there is ‘HOPE’ there is no FEAR.