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Welcome 2018: This New Year, don’t push, just slide


Amidst New Year resolutions, Weekend brings to you HEARTBEATS or SLICE OF LIFE, a new column by SUMEET NAIK that makes an attempt to understand the most complicated thing in life…the LIFE itself.

Don’t PUSH…just SLIDE!

New Year is finally here. 365 days at our disposal to make plans and to decide on how this year is going to be. But give it a thought, we got same amount of days in the year gone by. On the very first day then too we chalked out several plans we wanted to carry out. What Happened? How much did we really follow and execute? We often say there is no need to dwell upon past, we must look into the future. How can we make our future be it plans or experiences secure and memorable ones unless we remember and correct our mistakes from the past. In this context, the year gone by becomes of primary importance as it is the immediate past for all of us who have planned something new and big in this year.

As you read, six days have already gone by. What did you do in these six days for the year you have planned? Take a pause…give it a thought. How much time we really gave to some of our tasks cut off for every single day? Very often we make some plans in our mind and end up doing something which has no connection at all to what we had planned. Let not happen this with you in the coming 359 days.

As we know that eating at regular intervals little by little is anytime better than gulping down food in huge quantity at one single go. It helps digestion. Similarly, do not plan for too much on one single day. Plan something very simple, giving much required breather to execute it to perfection. We all have this nature of multitasking and boasting about how much we did on one single day.

People find great joy in listening to talks or reading stuff which starts or says…Push Yourself! Why should you push, the very term push indicates either you were defunct (like a broken car which needs a push) or you are forcing yourself do something which you did not want to do from deep within. NO… please don’t push yourself…rather slide smoothly into carrying out your tasks with broad smile on your face and determination to complete it on that single day.

Though we have wished everyone Happy New Year, the year gone by too had its happy moments. Even if someone had a very bad experience or huge personal loss, there must have surely been certain moments which brought in some amount of joy or happiness in the year gone by. This year too is going to be the same mix bag of sorrow and happiness. There will be those wow moments as well as those not so wow moments. So be it. For our expectations to turn into reality what matters are our actions.  Keep them simple and do not stress. This year do not get torn between contrast thoughts like…small things matter, but bigger is always better. So, don’t PUSH just SLIDE!