Free Press Journal

Weekly Prediction 2 to 8 October 2016


Aries:- You will be fortunate in respect of romantic liaisons. Mercury changing its position might bring expenses. On Wednesday and Thursday you may suffer from headache and eye-complaints. The health of your spouse also may deteriorate. Life is all about attitude and you have a sunny disposition that stands you in good stead even in the harshest times. Condition at home will get normal. New job opportunities might come for some of them. Romantic relationship with your partner will give happiness. Students need to concentrate on their studies to achieve their goals.

Taurus:- If you haven’t been laying any groundwork whatsoever, it doesn’t matter much. Luck is with you; you are likely to see benefits to home, family, property, and domestic comfort matters. Students can concentrate well on their studies. Projects can be executed. Your energy levels are likely to be on the upswing. Buying a new home will come in your mind. A surprise gain of wealth can also be expected, it can be through gambling or lottery also. Long term contracts will be beneficial then short term contracts.

Gemini:- The frustrations that you face now can cause you to become very discouraged and emotionally depressed. You are faced with new obstacles that make you reconsider the direction of your work and career. Some expected gains may get delayed but at the end of the week it will get recovered. Turbulence in job will be there. You realise nothing comes without efforts, least of all money and you set about earnings more. The area you’ll have real chances of progress in, though, will be the one of studies, training, higher education or cultural activities.

Cancer;- Mercury changing its position will lead in intellectual debates or discussion. There may be positive news regarding a family member or close friend. Learn to adapt. Try to be flexible. It will be to your advantage and happiness. Listening rather than talking to one’s partner is a must which would help you to balance the relationship so that the bonds are kept intact without any damages. A peaceful mind equals a peaceful body. Possible advancements at work may be had, be careful, co-workers may try to present obstacles at the end of the week.

Leo:- Short tour is likely. Tuesday and Wednesday will give some relief from tensions it will be a nice idea to spend some time with your family. This is a week of unmitigated passion with your loved ones. You find joy in intimacy and you move from physical pleasure to super consciousness and is quite a remarkable journey or tryst, call it what you may. There will be legal issues to deal with .You need to assess your life well and need to make a thorough plan for the future. Keep a realistic outlook. Financial gains are there in property and restaurant business. Seniors at work place will be impressed with your work.

Virgo:-You are communicating frenetically this week. Local and domestic affairs will occupy your attention and set off a great deal of action, though it may not always to be your liking or inclination. There will be intrusions from others which you should guard against. You have been moving fast and in different directions. Prioritise your life and don’t scatter your energies like you have been doing for some time now. Mercury changing entering your house will help you signing new ventures deals and contracts in business. Expansion or buying new assets are also on the cards.

Libra:-You need to balance your career and domestic responsibilities with a knack. Mercury changing its position might bring some more stressful moments in business. There can be reduction in profit margin but you need to compromise for some extend to carry forward your business. Don’t think of buying anything new or increasing your financial load. You also toys with new ideas which are quite impractical. Those in sports and film sector need to work hard to secure their position. Speculative activities may increase your losses. Wednesday Thursday Romantic relationship will be fine.

Scorpio:- There is outstanding success in store for you. You are determined and all fired up and move in the right direction with panache. You weed out all that you don’t need which includes friends who don’t mean well and other pretenders. Your attitude is right and you have an infectious optimism which will ensure that you get your point across without ruffling feathers. You make steady progress and squash all rivalry before it turns ugly and disastrous. Since your progress s visible you make the usual enemies who are jealous of your sudden and stupendous growth.

Sagittarius:- Mercury entering Virgo will guide you in the way towards success. There can be more responsibilities at work place but also you will gain trust of your seniors. Those in politics and social sector will have growth now. Even some planetary situation is not so favouring with your efforts and extreme hard work you can be able to pull out victory in your side. Expenditure is on the cards for domestic purposes. But you are well equipped to handle all that and continue with upward trajectory that you have well and truly charted out for yourself.

Capricorn:- Once again you seek out avenues for more money as it means recognition, power and security in your lexicon. You work hard and are motivated to move heaven and earth to achieve your goals. There will be a lot of stress and you need to take care at the Weekend. Family loved ones children and all the others in your extended family demand your time and you will be walking the tightrope. A tense period in which and you will have to find solutions to the myriad demand s on you. Avoid long trips which could affect your health.

Aquarius:- Mercury changing its position which will test your business skills and patience of how long you stay with your views. You need to define, understand, and crystallize your significant relationships with others. You’re probably even less in the mood for casual relationship than usual and more willing to enter into a committed relationship. You need a stronger, sleeker system to support your efforts. You could rebuild your infrastructure from the ground up. You may replace some of the service providers you’ve worked with. Writers and Actors will get new opportunities to show their talent. Romantic relationship with your partner will be fine.

Pisces:- Your life abounds with genuine love, romance and laughter. You not slogging away as you were at the beginning of the year. You seem reasonably well settled and it is the time for a little bit of fun and frolic. There is relief, respite and relaxation and you will reveal it. Those in politics and social sector must concentrate on making their unity stronger so that no one can create gap. Sometimes you have to accept some opinions of others, every time if you force your views on others it is likely that it will break.