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Weekly horoscope for the week 28 August to 3 September Desc: Read your weekly forecast based on sun-signs


Aries:- In this week Retrograde Uranus might increase your temper and there will be clashes conflicts related to matters, projects or assignments which are going on. This might also affect your domestic situation. Start of the week is little better but as days pass things are going to be worse. You need to take care of your health as health is more important than anything. Increasing your spiritual power will help to balance the situation. Those in politics and social sector need to be cautious while making any strong statement. Increase in responsibilities at work place is likely at the end of this week.

Taurus:- Some relief signs from legal matters will bring smile on your face. There will be increase in financial status. There will be also new job opportunities coming your way. Those in sports arts, film sector will perform well. Uranus retrograding this week will bring peace in your married life. Romantic relationship will be fine. You will also get more attached to your family members and think you doing something new for them to keep them more happy. New ventures deals will be successful. Investment in precious metals will be beneficial for long term. Avoid junk food and be cautious while on wheels on Thursday.

Gemini:- The pace in which your progress was going in the past might take some dull moments now. You will face issues which are not going to get resolved in quick succession; especially for those in business and politics. There can be some discussion about property matters with natives and can increase misunderstanding more. You have to concentrate more on your recent projects and try to finalise early at work place. Pending increments need to discuss with seniors and try to convince them now only. Saturday there might be storm in a cup of tea with your life partner.

Cancer:- This is the ideal moment to start your company, to plan to change work, or to claim this than one owes you, even for a long time. You will have facilities to show you reasonable in front of the window. Except for those which you like! All that touches with the commercial transactions and research related to profits is favoured. Impression of your ability to fulfil objectives and commitments in politics will increase. Family matters will get solved. Assignments will be completed in time at work place.

Leo:- You are now in the best of health and spirits, this is the time to revive your passion, nurture your talents and start something new and different. You now get support and appreciation even from your erstwhile foes. You will make progress in your career, but to do so you have to concentrate on your work instead of other things.  Romance is just in the air, and singles will find a more sensuous, passionate and serious side to their mates. Minor health issues will bring trouble on Wednesday maintain good diet to remain fit.

Virgo:- You are determined to try and achieve an optimum quality of life. You will be concentrating on home and family, domestic life in all manifestations and the great thing is that you enjoy doing so. Less arrogance and more tact are good ingredients for serenity at home. Speculative activities may lead to disappointments. Don’t get too involved in conflicts among loved ones. You should try to retain your cool otherwise you have difficulties in professional sphere. You may face financial problems owing to blockage of funds.

Libra:- Don’t be too convincing on certain issues at your work place. If you go with a steady pace you are to going to win every opportunity in your life. Current transit of planets will increase your confidence level and give a new boost to your professional life. You might find new friends and contacts and in which there are chances you may fall in love with someone. It will be advisable while taking any decision on changing job or starting any new business take advice of experienced person in that field or an astrologer to know your future in it.

Scorpio:- In retail sector you will get new clients and orders. Those in agriculture sector will get proper price for their crops. There are chances of getting new job opportunities in engineering sector. Your life partner and children will form a very tight family bond with you. You may feel of spending some time with your loved ones. You may also do shopping outing with them. Health people will observe good health. Financial status will see a boom as promotion or increase in income is likely. Try to maintain cordial relations and patch up differences if any in an amicable manner.

Sagittarius:- Unexpected gains are possible at the end of the week. Those in retail and social sector will have some disputes on Wednesday and Thursday. If you go as per your schedule then there will be fewer hurdles. Visualise the future you want rather than worrying about things you can’t control as worrying more will affect your health. Exercise regularly. Investigate more about any agencies or companies before financing or investing in it as someone might put you in trouble. You will find new friends and contacts through social functions gathering. Romance is in the air.

Capricorn:- Struggle is all over for the Capricorn’s now you are on the highway so accelerate your projects to earn more profits. Investment trading in precious metals and stocks will raise your profits. You have to forget past things and start with a new hope. Misunderstanding will get over after Monday. Domestic problems will get solutions from your loved ones and friends. Creation of something new by yourself will surprise your seniors. Writers and artists will get new ideas and their image will rise. The time is good to tie a knot.

Aquarius:- Uranus retrograding this week will open some secrets of opposition but don’t take any quick action on it. Anywhere your work will go slow so don’t get frustrated, your temper may get rise. There will be small quarrel with your spouse. Transparency in business relationship will gain more projects. New job opportunity is not easily accessible. Efforts has to be taken to complete assignments don’t rely on others. You love to do every work in time but due to delay in work by others will make you disturbed and may raise your temper.

Pisces:- The start of week precaution must be taken related to health. You have to listen to the views of other family members before expressing your feelings or taking any firm decision. This is good time to look for new business contracts. Students and sportsperson will do well. If you specifically focus in your area of interest it would surely churn out huge profits for you in the long run.  You shall get fresh ideas. You may find it difficult to handle improvident staff under you; at the mid of the week as deadline of your assignment comes closer.