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Weekly horoscope for the next week


Weekly Prediction 18 to 24 September 2016

Aries:- Mars and Venus changing its position this week will simply your route of success. You will gain confidence and stress levels will get low. Compromise will be better option in most of legal matters. If you are balanced and keep a steady outlook then there are very good chances that you will build up your relationships and build up something concrete by the end of this week. This week will be helpful to gain profits from speculative activities. Students will do well. Managers, Doctors will do some great works but appreciation will lesser on cards.

Taurus:- Mars and Venus changing its position will affect your health a little bit, also minor accidents injuries are likely. Your public relation skills will be satisfactory, now fortune will smile on you. Romantic relationships could get closer. Students in medicine and engineering will do well. The situation at your work place will have some changes which are going to favour you. Seniors will come to know your importance at your work place. Business meetings will get success. There will be rise in income. Those in agriculture field will get benefits from new government reforms if they act swiftly.

Gemini:- You may lose your assets. Don’t get panic in this situation. Keep control on your spending. Get insured for the future.  Your plan should be to work very hard, make things happen but not to lose your cool or get into controversy at work. Students may find their studies challenging while scholars will face some ordeals in their research studies. Extreme dedication and strong will power can help you to overcome all obstacles. Compromise, adjustment and accommodative traits will help maintaining peaceful relationship with relationship partners. Don’t incur the displeasure of your superiors.

Cancer:- Mars changing its position will be helping you in property matters but you need to be calmly and diplomatically settle the disputes. You are fascinated by progressive ideas and new discoveries and interested in projects that expand your mind and stretch your capabilities. Friday Saturday there might be storm in a cup of tea with your life partner. You should try to keep your partner happy. In sports and acting sector you were lacking behind others in the past but now you will be in the limelight and your performance will be increasing more fans around you.

Leo:- Your interest in making some new dishes and serving to your family or loved ones is likely today. You will feel that your discussion with your associates will help in getting positive returns for the company. This week, your forcefulness and eagerness to lead where you once followed marks a pronounced change in you. That means your reputation, and how others come to recognise you, and relate to you, will automatically change in unison. You will feel better energy, focus at work as well as resurgence in confidence & ego. Positive period towards the end of this week.

Virgo:-Mars changing its position might increase your temper and on the other hand Venus entering Libra will make you sensitive. In any sector don’t give any commitments. You will be getting many opportunities in your professional field but remember while giving any commitment from your end think twice. Minor health problems may affect you at the end of the week. Virgo likes Company of friends. Don’t get too involved in office problems pay attention to your health on Monday and Tuesday. The more you enjoy what you do the more you’ll prosper so make the most of opportunities to turn a side-line or hobby into cash.

Libra:- Start of the week is good to complete your pending tasks and important work as further there is possibility of hurdles coming your way. Level of luck could be lower than before and some bad news from a foreign source could come. Huge expenses on shopping or buying unwanted things may put you in problem. Some problems regarding health, too could hassle you a bit. Politicians will have command on their associates. Commitment can be fulfilled. Wedding bells are ringing for some. Careless financial decisions or speculative activities cold lead to disappointments at the end of the week. Be careful & avoid conflicts with family.

Scorpio:- In this week Mars changing its position will significantly bring good growth for those in industrial business. Start of the week there might be storm in a cup of tea with your spouse. Priority for important work must be given after Wednesday. Those in politics and social sector have to pre-plan their future tactics and activities for the coming elections. You are likely to have greater room to manoeuvre or make decisions at work. Finances will be good.  Public image will rise & you will find the energy to do well & make a name. Avoid ego with siblings.

Sagittarius:- Bring out the ideas that you have been fostering and express them now or prepare a campaign that will bear fruit in the future. There could be many new opportunities at work especially within your work environment as well as career prospects will improve and look up due to new partnerships and joint project opportunities. Those in agriculture business will get benefits from new policies. You continue to make determined efforts towards strengthening your financial position and explore every investment opportunity. Freelancing, consulting will fulfil both your creative and material needs. Take precaution while on wheels at the end of the week.

Capricorn:- You might get some upward movement in your financial status but try to stay at the base by not increasing your spending otherwise it may affect your future planning. Those in social and political sector have to be careful before making any commitment in public  you should focus on continuing your game plan without making any changes or getting into any controversies. Business deals might worry you a bit on Tuesday. Health needs care as the week will be busy of work. Meditation, going for quiet walks or indulging in some other relaxing activity will be necessary to sort this situation out.

Aquarius:- In this week there are many changes of positions of planets which are going to be favourable to you but at the start of the week don’t take any decision in haste, let things settled down first in your favour be on a ride from next week. Good publicity in politics and social activities is likely. You think of buying a new vehicle. Your ability to see through issues and hard work will help you. Seniors will appreciate your work. Focus on your business. Your opposite sex friend will influence you positively.

Pisces:- You had known about the power which is their above all of us which have control over us and this may have softened your ego in the past face of your life. Mars entering your 10th house will help to push your pending deals or assignments into completion. Singles will find it easy to meet members of opposite sex. You look at business expansion and there is happiness in the family. There are indications of travel, new collaborations. It’s a powerful period, so make the most of it. Income would be higher than normal in this week due to hard work of the past.