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Weekly horoscope for 11-17 September


Aries;- You will be in a confused mind and not clear on your concepts this week. Hurdles in your way are more but then also after Tuesday it is going to ease a bit. It will be advisable while taking any decision on changing job or starting any new business take advice of experienced person in that field or an astrologer to know your future in it. You will find your business agreements and negotiations getting finalized. You will be able to develop new skills to retain in any sector. Farmers do not borrow money.

Taurus:- Sun entering Virgo will bring success for those in educational sector and for doctors scientists researchers. It is not a time to let it all go to your head so that you neglect either to build up reserve funds or to take care of important documents, in your desire for quick results and your individual personal advancement. Relationships will be delightful. Singles may find new dating friends. Work life benefits due to favorable alignment of planets. Those in poultry farm or agriculture business will make profit. Sons will make their dad’s proud.

Gemini:- Sun changing its position will bring pressure and tension while resolving ongoing projects. Bold moves will not work out; they could lead to stress or least a cash crunch. Additionally there could be conflicts, even fights harsh words, as a result of this in your personal life, your family interactions. The beginning of a very tough patch in your life had been started now and to sustain in this condition you have to secure your assets and not to take any fast or hasty decision regarding your business as any decision might be unfavorable for some period of time.

Cancer:- You feel a strong pull to explore new facets of your personality. Till now you have focused on your work and home and have seen glimpses of complex emotional issues emerge. You have tackled the professional front efficiently, but now you are eager to explore creative side of your personality. No doubt about that your pep and drive is legendary. Your partner will seek valuable advice from you and will appreciate your advices too whenever in need which will enhance the power of love and understanding between both of you.

Leo:- Some increase in asset value or properties are likely now as many planets are favoring you. Being a person with dynamic personality and having an aura of magnetic charisma, you can easily win the heart of your love interest. When it comes to balancing your accounts make your strategies very carefully. In business, you may remain confused about what to do next. Rather than leaving it all to chance, you should trust your abilities and decisions, and take definitive action. The negligible movements and momentum on the work front, though, may make you want to change your job.

Virgo:- Sun entering your house this week will increase confidence level at work place. You involve yourself with initiatives that empower you to forge ahead. You are sensitive to others needs and begin to understand what makes them tick, and are able to see beneath the surface. Colleagues will appreciate your ability to learn quickly and appreciate good work. You might buy a vehicle. In politics and social sector you may find people which will be helping you out to track your enemy activity. Those in film and arts sector will get honor.

Libra:- You might feel like a Failure because your career plans have not been the way you had planned. Sun changing its position might be disturbing your mind and little stressful at work place. There might be some upsets at work due to superiors who are not supportive or colleagues who are envious. Your rivals may try to harm you in each and every possible way so try to be more concerned when dealing with any kind of personal or professional matters. You will spend happy moments with your spouse, family friends and relatives. There could be reorganizing and lot of chopping and changing in political and social activities.

Scorpio:- You have to remove all negativity in your mind and have to work positively at work place. Don’t be inexpressive when spending time with your partner. In politics enemies may try to affect your image on Wednesday and Thursday. You can attain notable achievement in exams and other kinds of competition and interviews.  From Friday onwards your calculations will be accurate and will go as per your plans. Financial stability will be there. Sun entering Virgo will increase in demand for you. There will be new ideas, topics for writers, journalist etc.

Sagittarius:- Sun entering Virgo will bring contacts with high authorities and even some discussion or meetings with top bosses at work place is also likely. Businessmen will get a leg up and do well in their fields, registering profits. The profits will be continuous if quality control and punctuality of order delivery are kept in mind. The fun-filled days of last week now morph into days and even nights of labor and hard, unrelenting work as you catch up with unfinished projects and other paper work. Your energy levels may be low on Friday and Saturday which could make you irritable and easily offended.

Capricorn:- A strong self-image and a successful persona is what you want to project, especially to those who look up to you. Money makes both personal relationships and family interactions sweeter and you enjoy domestic bliss. Politicians will gain fame. Sportsperson will regain confidence as their performance is going to be highlighted. Monday and Tuesday Business deals or meetings has to be handle carefully don’t be rash or take decision in haste. This is right time for students to concentrate more on their studies. At weekend change of position of Sun will bring more positive results in your life.

Aquarius:- Sun changing its position this week will bring some uncertainty in political and social career. You have been able to reflect on your past and identify a pattern of behavior that you know is not good for you. But you are a stubborn as ever and are not willing to change. You let your heart make all your decisions and they could be wrong most of the time. Some planets might be supporting your image but don’t be overconfident on your commitments. Be-cautious while on wheels this Thursday.

Pisces:- Sun changing its position this week will be helpful to sportsperson and film stars. Progress achievements gains are all there only the thing you have to do is hard work. You may feel you are carrying lot on your shoulders in your profession. Don’t think much about previous disputes losses misunderstanding in business and politics. Time is not going to wait for you so smart and quick decision must be taken. Those unmarried may find their match or also might fall in love. Parent guidance will helpful to take decision related to your career.