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Weekly horoscope by Nikilash Pradhan


Aries:- Mercury changing its position will settle some disputes between your business partner and might stabilize the business as it was going before. There will be some back steps which you need to take to settle down the debate but it will better now to do it.  You need to focus as there are many expenses foreseen and you may also indulge in getting new acquisitions for yourself and family. Expansion in business using your intelligence and knowledge is advisable but not huge money investment. Minor health problem will be there on Thursday and Friday and if you don’t look after yourself there could be a serious health scare.

Taurus:- You are now strongly moving forward with your ideas and skills in your career. There might be little hurdles due to Mercury changes in business or in any type of deals mostly related to finance. You may travel on work and holiday. You will also meet many people and there is romance in the air. On Monday Tuesday minor illness due to climatic changes or too much excursion is possible. Opposite sex people will get attracted. Singles may find their partner. Try to complete any pending tasks in business.

Gemini:- Sometimes you get overconfident about your knowledge and skills and this might built some ego in you which will not let you listen to others views. In politics and social sector you need to do a deep survey of your area and should make proper planning to implement your ideas. Minor health problems will be disturbing your schedule on Thursday and Friday. You need to control your complexes, negative thoughts and wasteful expenses. It is the best option you take views of your life partner also while taking some important family decision this week.

Cancer:- This week will give you chance of recovering your losses and clearing misunderstandings at your work place. Outing with family will release some tension and will give you some confidence to again build up your business. You could make some important connections. Be cautious while on wheels on Tuesday and Wednesday. Health problems may delay your projects and assignments. This is right time for students to concentrate more on their studies. Short term gains are possible in shipping and retail business. Spending an evening with your life partner will reduce some stress.

Leo:- You might be somewhat disturbed in the mid of the week due to tensions and stress regarding your ongoing projects. You will feel comfortable spending some time with your partner or going for a short tour to get relaxed a bit. There are chances of promotion in jobs. Even new job opportunity is there. The time is good to pursue for new job. Victory over enemies is possible but don’t be overconfident. You will be much growth oriented, focused on long term financial goals and get serious about stabilizing and strengthening your resource of income.

Virgo:- This is an aggressive start to the week and you will profit from it. You make your intensions very clear right from the beginning and brook no opposition. This is period of progress and you move headlong from one achievement to another. New job opportunities will surprisingly come in front you. You will spend time with family and will love creating harmony, mending broken fences. You have an opportunity to couple up on joint ventures or negotiate a deal where you are able to use other people’s money as an investment.

Libra:- You are in a happy mood with some minor adjustments to your ebullience and enthusiasm. There are journeys, ceremonies, publicity, meetings, conferences to attend and all sorts of socializing. You enjoy the attention and also make time for pleasant amusements. Work is on the backseat for the moment but you can return to it any time. You use the time to meet old and ailing relatives and spend time with friends and associates who need you not just for your business acumen but for your charm and inherent people skills.

Scorpio:- Pick period is going, so don’t waste time start of this week will be intense but latter on it will be smooth. Investment in precious metals share market will be beneficial. You will get quick victory in any legal battle Expenses will stay under controls and you will distant yourself from some ungrateful people. Your intuitions will be stronger, heed to them. You are lucky this week as far as money matters are concerned, a big project that is pending since past few weeks will be completed and will generate a good income entering direct to your savings account.

Sagittarius:- There are chances of getting new business projects which may recover your previous losses. You simply manage to outsmart the opposition and you do it so deftly that they may not even be aware of it. It is the right time to invest in your professional development, learn new skills, ditch that job you hate so much and set up business. Money will be flowing; just do not have high expectations. You will be able to come out from complicated situation at your work place after Tuesday. Business with family members or friends will be successful. A marked growth in your career is indicated.

Capricorn:- Becoming financially stable has been the cornerstone of almost all your efforts. You have persisted and persevered in planning and executing financial matters with good results. In job chances of promotion is likely in near future. A friend or associate will give you the opportunity to come out of your problem and will benefit you in future. Your seriousness towards studies shall endow you better results. Those in politics and social sector will make good progress in coming elections but you have to keep an eye on activities of enemies.

Aquarius:- Gaining some confidence will help you to tackle problems at your work place. There can be injuries due to small accident. Students must try to concentrate on their studies and those who had got holiday don’t spoil it by doing nothing.  Minor disagreements at home are possible. The expenditure will go on increasing. You may not be able to keep a perfect tuning with your own people. You have to be cautious in your day to day pursuits. You might find some litigation or discomfort in new deals but after taking advice of experienced people you have to grab it as in future new deals are hard to come.

Pisces:- If you do not realize you are angry, a situation may drop in from the sky that will remind you of circumstances of the past.  You will be prone to overreact if you aren’t clearly in touch with yourself.  Drive and handle tools very carefully at that time. Start of the week will be bringing some disappointment and tension. Again there will be a turnaround in fortunes and the flow of money will increase. Sports and film industry people will get good success. Even new deals will get signed. Those in politics and social sector will make good decisions.