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Victims for Sale by Nish Amarnath: Review


Title: Victims For Sale

Author: Nish Amarnath

Publisher: HarperCollins India

Pages: 336

Price: Rs 172/-


One of the toughest mysteries to unravel in today’s time is a human psychology. Both the conscious and the unconscious mind have their own ways and means of playing and dealing with the games of life, which we as humans are a part and parcel of. The human psyche works on two basic modems that are moderate and extreme. Either we are able to channelise our thoughts depending upon the situation or we end up elevating the evil inside each one of us.

If you are wondering what is this all about then here is a look at a novel that takes you through the dungeons of dark secrets and walks you through the other side of the world. This fiction novel is based on true stories experienced by the author in her stint as a journalist. The book takes you on a whirlwind of dangerous alleys, vulnerable situations and dark secrets, which at one point puts the protagonist’s life at stake.

Finding a good neighbourhood involves a gazillion luck birds to hover over your destiny planets and some additional goodwill. But imagine waking up to something that will not just creep you out but will also send a shiver down your spine. Victims for sale is an intriguing true story of the author’s experiences while working as a journalist. This story revolves around the ethos of still water runs deep wherein an otherwise silent neighbourhood starts sending some mysterious signals compelling the protagonist to delve into the matters to unravel the truth.

What is exciting about the book is that it keeps you glued to the edge of your seat till the end and does not break the link. It also breaks through the curtains and gives us a taste of realistic matters around us. Thanks to this fast-paced techno world we even fail to acknowledge people around us as we are busy in our own cocoon. This is why we tend to avoid or miss on any kind of happenings around us.

Each element of the book whether that be the plot, characters, locations and so on have been practically studied and have then been used in the book. The story takes you through numerous places and incidents perfectly interlinked with each other. This book is a perfect companion for a mystery solver’s mind.

Through her book, the author has prominently highlighted that origin of crime has nothing to do with place, class or creed. All it needs is a psychotic maniac mentality to commit the crime. All these years we have thoroughly believed in the notion that crime has always been born in the depths of places we have been refrained to explore. However, at times a well-educated society too has its own set of murkier happenings we either tend to ignore or are kept in the dark about it.

An evil face could have a good soul while a kind face could have evil intentions. The protagonist Sandy Raman has to go through numerous dark moments to help unravel the truth about the family she stays within London. It brings to light the harsh reality about human trafficking and all this while the world feels that the family is a well reputed one. The legal aspect of the story has been well handled by the author giving us an insight on the law functioning element of London. To add to it, the story moves at a fast pace keeping in the dramatic excitement thereby making it unputdownable. A female lead as strong as Sandy Raman undoubtedly brings in a breath of fresh air to the story. Fighting all the odds and keeping her life at stake Sandy is what each one of us should be in situations like these.

Walking the narrow path is a task, however, if you have your eyes on the ultimate goal then you are in a perfect place. It took the author a wholesome twelve years to finish the book and bring it to the readers notice. For someone who has been an ardent fan of crime investigative journalism or forensic science, this book is your perfect companion.

On the whole, this book comes as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise romance clad world. On a scale of 5 will rate this book with 4 stars.

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