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The significance of Chakra Meditation


The chakra dhyana techniquechakra meditation, helps align your chakras, clearing the way for the kundalini shakti to rise through them and meet Shiva. Every time you do the dhyana, the kundalini shakti rises a bit.

Balancing the chakras brings about a profound change in a person. When you change, your world will change too because the external world is a mere manifestation of your internal world. You will start noticing the changes if you continue with the processes geared to balance your chakras. One of the first changes you might observe is the way you now handle a hurt or wrong done to you.

You’ll find that forgiveness now comes naturally to you. Even your anger will no longer have any ‘charge’. As adults, we are prone to nurse grudges against those who have hurt us. Our enemies often continue to live inside us for years. And each time we are reminded of their wrong-doing, we end up feeling the same pain all over again. But when our chakras are balanced, it is said, the memory might remain, the charge will not.

As the chakras stand for different elements, balancing them also balances the elements in our body. Each chakra, you now know, signifies a particular aspect of our lives. And, it is directly connected to the brain as well. Each time a chakra gets stimulated, the corresponding part in the brain too activates. Accordingly, our thought process changes. And when thoughts change, life changes.
Most people tend to function from the lower chakras—Muladhara, Swadhishthana and Manipura. They encounter experiences of a lower order as these chakras are concerned with the baser needs of life. The people they meet also complement these chakras. They might be rich, but their thoughts remain low. When you function from the higher chakras—Anhata, Vishuddhi and the Ajnaya, your thought process is elevated. You attract higher life experiences, have loftier ideas, and even perceive things from a different plane. The people you meet shall be likewise. Such is the belief.

As your chakras get balanced, you tend to function more from your higher chakras. Your spiritual growth then gets accelerated. Your aura now starts having a positive effect on others. With balanced chakras, as you turn more positive, forgiving and enlightened, you are likely to connect better with your team, have greater foresight, and even come out with solutions that are acceptable to the majority.