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The high road to happiness


Tell me frankly, is it not a pleasure to meet people who are always smiling and happy? They always seem high on life, energetic and enthusiastic. They emit an exuberance of joy that is almost contagious. You scratch your head because from the outside, they don’t seem to have any more than you do and their problems seem just as big.

Then why is it that they can find a hundred reasons to smile about while you can’t? Well, these are probably people who have hit the high road to Happiness – learning to be Peaceful, Contented and Thankful.

Most of us have been raised with extremely erroneous notions about Happiness. We tend to believe that the more we have, the happier we will be. So much so that a whole lot of us dedicate our lives pursuing the wrong ideas. We end up thinking career success guarantees happiness, or an accomplishment or achievement will make us happy, or that happiness will come from making superficial changes in lifestyles and living standards.

In fact, if you ask me, none of these can or will ensure Happiness. Each success or accomplishment will quickly make you excited and happy but the joyous reaction would be short-lived. After some time, you will fall back into your regular cycle of work, responsibility, stress, desire, and anxiety.

So, is there really a technique that one can practice to be Happy always? Unbelievably, there is. But whether you want to make your life happier is a matter of pure choice. You can choose to be sad when everything is going well and you can choose to be happy even when nothing seems right.

However, before mastering the art of staying Happy, it is essential to understand that Happiness is an internal state of being, not an external phenomenon.

Nothing in the world can make you happy if there is no internal urge. Your mindset, your thought process and your perception of Happiness itself will determine how happy or unhappy you will be through life. To be happy at all times, you need to make happiness a habit and not just an act.

Happiness is hard to define but each of us is clearly aware of whether we are happy or not. For most people, happiness seems to be the outcome of positive events. It is usually driven by a win, gain, or achievement. It is likely that these external events trigger a happy state but this kind of happiness is fleeting and temporary. The state of true happiness actually comes from the inside, and no external circumstance or situation can affect it.

If you want to be happy you need to understand that you can be happy and that you should be happy. We can all lead positively great lives provided we make up our mind to not let any thought or situation get powerful enough to pull us down and keep us unhappy for long. Each of us is equipped with the power to bounce back after a pull-down provided we harness the strength of Positive thinking.

Many people also make the mistake of believing that they don’t deserve happiness and accept their unhappy state as their destiny. The truth of the matter is that happiness, like anything else in life, needs to be nurtured.