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The anti-valentine sentiment


Has the threat of senescence seeped into the spirit of Valentine’s Day? RAHUL SONI observes.
There are many of us who will, during this Valentine’s Day, be figuratively forced in the footsteps of the saint himself. Forced to burn in the crucible of altruism while watching others receive pardon, benevolence and above all love.  But, love as they say is about giving and if the quotient of reciprocation is going to weigh heavily on your mind then it would be better to immerse that aching head in a pool of  popularly known as “anti-valentine” celebration.

Counterculture has always been the garb of the non-compliant, and will always churn out new axioms that would gain wider currency than the established norm of their day. An ordinary anti-valentine foot-soldier wishes to bury the past, brew the present and hope to disassociate themselves from this movement as soon as they find a suitable partner or for those without deference: distraction. Renouncing fiefdom is also at the heart of this cause, whereby the longing to meet someone special is overcome; broken heart and self-pity are given a pompous funeral; and the despair of servitude is made to disappear with the severing of ossified relationships.

 The love vampire feeds on love and yet tries to escape this nourishment for fear of being permanently trapped in the sunbeam of higher virtues that espouse both sacrifice and heartaches. The asphyxiation becomes unbearable for the rebel as the flowers from an avowed admirer turn into harbingers of failed relationships and distrust. It reminds the recipient of the ephemeral nature of affection which is likely to wither much before the orchid. As the quixotic seems very unlikely to accompany chocolates, cards and flowers–the challenge of dodging the ubiquity of the established norm takes precedence above everything and subscription to the antithesis of Valentine’s Day becomes the love-vampire’s sole obsession.

The euphemistic choose to observe the day of love as “Singles awareness Day” and proceed with the serious endeavor of  to lighthearted events in Brazil at the carnival, Mardi Gras also enjoys a Mecca like status among these pilgrims. While the heart-broken pilgrims drown themselves in the festivities among the amicable, a giant ripple of unabashed opposition from the Hindu Mahasabha bigots in India threatens to submerge the indissoluble tide of the Hallmark enterprise whose merchandises over the years have immensely contributed in manufacturing the prevailing mindset of its consumer base.

It is interesting to note that this critical mass which happens to be the object of scrutiny, envy, and hate in India are beingHand roses invited to worship their parents instead of being a cog in the love industry. The self-appointed vanguards of Indian culture demand sublimation in threatening tones, which does carry an   infantilizing effect with it. The choice is to either regress mentally and not desire a partner of the opposite sex or marry the one whom you happen to be enjoying dinner with.  If India has its bigots, then Japan since 2006 has proved fertile for an unusual brand of misogynists that find any public display of affection very offensive.

It is not surprising in the least to underline the fact the movement was born in Japan as a result of its founder being dumped by a woman. Ironically, the founder is a Marxist, who must be reminded that Marx was an exemplar of family values , although Marx was an intellectual and could have easily made himself attractive to the opposite sex, so much so that a possibility on which many scholars agree that Marx also fathered a child outside his marriage with his housekeeper. The women hating league and its founder are settled under the acronym “Kakuhido”, which means the” Alliance of Men whom Women Find Unattractive” could also learn from the peacock on what it takes to find a mate. Such a moronic catastrophe could have been averted, only if the founder of the movement had moved in the direction of comedy instead of the communist pamphlet. It is this appellation that would be better suited to the moral police of India that resorts to obfuscating cultural rants to conceal their true identity.

A new creature has already awakened and it has begun its march with anti-valentine cards, soon there will be anti-valentine chocolates and a possibility of anti-valentine relationships forged at an anti-valentine’s meeting or outlet, of which there are plenty that currently profess to impart unsentimental education.  A holiday or star gazing is indeed banal but sound novel for the occasion. There are classes which will train you in a new skill, Galentine’s day for girls to come to together and find ways to ameliorate romance tragedies; Bromance is the male equivalent of Galentine which could metamorphose into wolf-packs hunters. Many bars and restaurants have embraced the anti-valentine theme and they have rather tapped a great market which is bound to outnumber its canoodle canvassing rivals.

If treating oneself to a massage or a trek signals a clear message of self worth then the anti-platter also postulates the possibility of finding a new partner with applications such as tinder, incidentally a large pool to choose from becomes available from New years until Valentine’s as online dating sites register the highest amount of activity during this seismic period. In closing we must consider that with the uncertainty of today’s lives and changing values, our personal circumstances may force us to be on either side of the debate. But, no matter which end of the spectrum we belong to at the moment, eventually all our differences are bound to melt in the warm ocean of chocolate.