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Stuck in a traffic jam? Don’t fret, it teaches you a lot


Have you ever got stuck into a traffic jam, not knowing what has happened ahead and why the traffic isn’t moving? I’m certain that most of us have gone through this experience at least once if not often. For the first few minutes you patiently wait in anticipation that the cars ahead will move soon and the journey ahead will be as smooth to make up for the precious time lost waiting.

After a while, when you see no sign of the cars ahead of you moving even an inch, you tend to get little restless. What could have happened ahead? Is there some VVIP who is going to pass by so the traffic has been blocked? Several such questions keep emerging into your mind. Now the melodious voice of your favourite singer who was giving you company all throughout your drive, suddenly seem to be irritating you. By turning off the in-built music system of your car you feel little happy that you still have some control over few things, what if not the traffic.

It’s been almost 30 minutes and there is no sign of life in the cars ahead. Still the exact cause of your existing woes is not known. It’s time for a citizen reporter in you to wake-up. You start clicking pictures of the stranded cars ahead of you considering your mobile no less then a press photographers weapon to shoot. Within a minute or two there are dozen posts on your Facebook and Twitter account, depicting how badly you are stuck in this traffic jam and also the scene in front of your car. Sigh of relief when most of your family members have seen and liked or commented on those posts. At least now you are aware that they are aware.

Just when your patience is about to run out, you spot a traffic constable walking in the opposite direction. Not bothered that your car AC is on, you roll down the window to enquire with the cop the exact reason behind this terrible jam. And just like you there are several others who are trying their best to grab the cop’s attention for an update. Nothing seems to be going right at that moment as the cop walks past in opposite direction as if nothing has happened or he was directed no to divulge any info.

In life such situations really teaches you some valuable lessons of self-control and to be as far as relaxed and composed in any given situation. Finally someone from the car ahead screams and announces that the traffic ahead is moving. Your joy matches that of a prisoner about to be set free. You can hear the engine sound of other cars at a distance, confirming the much awaited moment.

As you start your car and it moves ahead at a distance, you once again roll down the window. This time the car AC switched off and you generously feeding your nostrils with the fresh air from outside. Despite the reason for the traffic jam unknown, you are all smiles as you are driving back home. After all you have crossed 100 likes on Facebook and equal number on Twitter on your…Oh! My God, I’m stuck…post.