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Spirituality and spiritual ego cannot co-exist


The most dangerous type of ego out of them all is a spiritual ego. Every person on a spiritual path has to be very careful about developing it. After many years of spiritual practice or reading many spiritual books or sometimes even after reading one book we start feeling a level above everyone else. We generate an attitude of ‘I know better’ or ‘what does he know!’. That is why spirituality begins with awareness. We have to keep a very careful watch on ourselves about feeling bigger than the other.

When I first met my Guru Shri Dadashriji, after many years of being on the path, he told me – “Come to me only with a clean slate. Forget about your entire spiritual journey and what you have learnt otherwise I have nothing to offer you. I am going to make you start from scratch”. A person with spiritual ego holds on to their knowledge and will always make it a point to add their bit. I have experienced many such people in my workshops. They come with the intention to run me down with their spiritual gyan. Such people are called Sabotagers.

We once had a meeting with my earlier Guru. He asked for a handful of us to come and meet him for some work. We all felt extremely glorified to be the selected few. As we all went in and settled, the first thing he told us was to stop feeling so special. He said that the older you are into spirituality the more baggage you have. He said if you are close to me it is only because you are unique cases and need more guidance. This gave me the answer to my question which bothered me for years as to why some big temples have money launderers as trustees. Why would God select such a terrible lot to be so close to him? It is only because they need help the most.

I’ve met so many spiritual people who do not share but exhibit their knowledge and experiences. They feel they have answers to everything. Unfortunately such people, under the pretext of spirituality, blind themselves from actual God realization. They never accept another Guru’s teachings. They block themselves out, thinking what they have learnt and what their Guru has taught them is the ultimate.

You have to realize there is no competition in spirituality. With one upmanship comes the struggle to prove superiority. It is very stressful to be on the edge all the time. Jealousy, insecurity, inferiority etc are many other emotions that are tagged along with a spiritual ego. No one understands that there is always more to learn. If you are very knowledgeable, there’s no harm in listening to what the other has to say and brush up on your information. Spirituality is a never-ending journey and you are always a learner. It only makes you humble. One has to be a student all his life.