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Seven ingredients to stay fresh and healthy


Dr Kiran Lohia, with the help of seven ingredients tells you how to stay fresh and healthy

While I do my best to maintain a colourful diet full of veggies and protein, I’m not perfect. Like most of us, I am guilty of unhealthy eating habits during times of stress. Sometimes this comes in the form of starvation where I literally forget to eat because I’m so busy. Other times it comes in the form of binge eating carbs while attempting to balance being a mom and doctor. Regardless, it is not a diet that contributes to healthy skin.

A mix of the best

If I, as a dermatologist, struggle to get all the needed vitamins and minerals to keep my skin glowing, I thought of how difficult it must be for my patients. Many of my patients are super women (and men) who are also working moms, dads, or just trying to balance a house and kids which is a full-time job in itself! It is hard work ensuring proper nutrition on a daily basis. So, in order to make life a little easier, I developed the “7 Juice” – an all-inclusive beauty juice to ensure your skin is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs without having to think twice. It’s called the ‘7 Juice’, because it contains seven important, yet easy to find ingredients that, in combination, provide a multitude of benefits to your skin.

The key ingredients

The first of these ingredients is the king of greens – spinach. We all know spinach is great for us, but what exactly makes it great for our skin? First of all, it is abundant in the antioxidants Vitamins A and C. Both of these antioxidants play an important role in collagen formation which keeps us looking younger, longer. If you aren’t familiar with collagens role in skin, it is the fibre that holds everything in place and prevents sagging. Spinach is also high in iron which many of us are deficient in, especially vegetarians. Low iron levels can cause a pale, tired, undesirable appearance.

Ingredients two through five contain a combination of four important fruits: an un-ripened banana, an in-season citrus (mosambi or lemon), a pomegranate, and a mixture of berries (like amla, cranberries, gogi berries, or whatever else you find in the market!). The unripened banana is unique in that it provides probiotic properties to keep your gut healthy. According to the theory of the Gut-Skin Axis, a healthy gut equals healthy skin.

Super-seed mix

As for citrus fruits, pomegranates, and berries, they are all high in antioxidants – even more so than spinach! Pomegranate, in addition, contains punic acid which is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. This is great for skin conditions that cause inflammation such as acne and rosacea.

The sixth ingredient I like to call my “super-seed mix”. It includes chia seeds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds which I keep pre-mixed in my pantry to throw into everything from juice to oats! The super- seed mix provides non-dairy calcium, zinc, iron and more. It is important to note the emphasis on “non-dairy” calcium because although dairy products are known to cause acne, calcium is still essential in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Non-dairy sources are known to be even more beneficial for the body and still ensure you are getting an essential boost of calcium.

The seventh and last ingredient is my favourite antioxidant packed sweetener, honey. Not only does it make your juice super tasty, but also has antibacterial properties to help fight and prevent acne.

Mix all seven of the above ingredients together in a blender with a liquid base of your choosing (I like coconut water or almond milk). If you do this each morning, you are sure to get a mega-boost of crucial vitamins, despite what the rest of your day, and diet, bring.