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Pre-monsoon Rains: A wake-up call to those who have turned their back on nature


Unexpected rainfall with thunder and lightning was a wake-up call to all those who have turned their back towards nature

A week back I had only heard about pre-monsoon showers and monsoon showers. Little more I remember were the parting showers when the rainy season is about to end. But as I always believe, life teaches you in the most unpredictable way. This time it introduced me to… summer rain. Yes! You read it right… Summer rain caused due to extreme heat and moisture in some areas resulting into formation of clouds. It took entire Goa by surprise when these clouds resulted into heavy downpour accompanied by lightning for three days at a stretch.

For some it was a natural phenomenon, for me it was the nature’s outburst against human follies. Who could otherwise even dream of rain, let alone thunder and lightning, during the month of May? Short-term damages were reported the very next day, but long-term damage is either never understood or conveniently ignored. How long can we take our life and that of the generation next so lightly is the question nobody wants to think about or attempt to answer.

Some lessons in life are best learnt by observing others, especially the kids. They are so innocent with no malice in heart that their actions if keenly observed, can be a great lesson for lifetime. One day while I was returning home in the evening I noticed my neighbour’s eight-year-old daughter watering the roadside plants (wild creepers) with her water bottle. She was done with her playing for the day and was returning home. I smiled at her and went home. Next day I witnessed the same incident and observed it for almost a week, whereby this girl would water these roadside creepers without fail every day on her way back home.

Not been able to control my curiosity, I asked her the reason behind watering these creepers. To which she innocently replied: “There are lot of trees on both sides of the road leading to my school. And as we kids walk down the stretch after getting down from the school bus, these trees protect us from the sun. But when the school bus drops me at the entrance of our colony the road leading towards our building does not have a single tree. Every day I water these plants so that when I grow up, like my school road, I will also have a shade on my way back home. And yes uncle, I deliberately save some water for these trees even if I’m thirsty. At least I can go home and drink water, where will these trees go when they are thirsty?”

She said these words and ran towards her mother who was waiting at the building gate. Where will these trees go if they are thirsty? The answer to the question was given by ‘summer rain’. It showed all of us that if we don’t take care of nature and take it for granted, it knows to get back at us and also what they rightfully deserve. That is… LIFE!