Free Press Journal

Our inner world is the foundation of everything in our life


Most of us find our calling in making more money, gaining bigger profits, buying new cars, becoming famous etc. But is this a need of our outer worlds or is it a true inner calling? Think about it. So many people have gathered all the riches but still find themselves to be empty from within. They still feel incomplete and discontented. Happiness that comes from materialistic gains is only temporary. In reality our soul is hungry and it needs us to satisfy our true purpose on Earth.

There are two factions to our life, our external world and our internal world. Material and worldly pursuits comprise of our external world and our emotions, feelings etc. makes for our inner world. These two worlds are like wings of a bird, which have to work in perfect sync for the bird to be able to soar.

Unfortunately most of us are completely ignorant of our inner world. We fail to realize that our inner world is the foundation of everything in our life. Nurturing our inner world is the key to every problem we face.

When I first became aware that there is an inner world which is more real and rich than the physical world, the way I looked at things changed completely. It was like coming back home and meeting the true Smita. I loved myself more but also hated myself when I saw my real nature. However awareness was just the first step, eventually I learnt to love every aspect of my being, good and bad. Acceptance was the second step and gradually I realised that I am nothing but a part of my Creator. We all look for answers outside but all we have to do is to turn to our inner world for answers. Make our inner self our guide.

The sooner we realise that we are feeding our ego and not our soul, the easier our lives will become. Unfortunately many of us delay to embark upon this path. We deliberately turn a deaf ear to our inner calling, thinking that we may have to give up all the pleasures of life. But spirituality does not demand any sacrifices. In fact it makes you more alive and helps you enjoy every aspect of life without the fear of the past or the future. The earlier we connect with our inner self, the more remarkable our lives become. So irrespective of how old you are, NOW is the time.