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No one can escape pain in life


There comes a phase in everyone’s life when you suddenly experience that whatever you do gives you outmost joy thereby resulting into achieving almost everything that you had planned for the week. You describe it as a perfect week and hope the week ahead would also be the same, if not better.

No days are alike, no week is the same. There comes a week when right from the word go, nothing seems to go right. Every single day piles up new pressures and worries for you. And it leaves you so drained mentally than physically that you can’t help asking yourself…Why me? Why is there so much of trouble or pressure all of a sudden every passing day and that too on me only? Quite an obvious thought to emerge during such situations, it also reaffirms of us being humans.

On the onset of a new week, one of my closest friends asked me a question which compelled me to think about every single day of the week gone by before answering to him. His question was…How do you define PAIN?

SUNDAY: A call from Dad at an unusual time left me rattled and knew deep within that something was not right. Usually, a strong voice even at the age of 74, sounded weak. Getting him admitted to nearest hospital was the only option. I was introduced to the PAIN OF AGING.

MONDAY: While giving company to dad in the hospital, I got a message informing about the sudden demise of my dearest friend, my partner in crime in college and later on too. We just spoke to each other couple of days back. I was introduced to the PAIN OF LOSING A NEAR AND DEAR ONE.

TUESDAY: Dad still in the hospital, saying a final goodbye to my friend at his funeral was not an easy task. Seeing his family mourning, his youngest daughter in playful mood oblivious to the fact of not being able to meet her dad ever again tore me from deep within. I was introduced to the PAIN OF MOURNING AND GRIEF.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Dad gets discharged from the hospital. Thoughts of last three days, fear that something worse could happen doesn’t allow me to sleep peacefully. I was introduced to the PAIN OF THE UNFORSEEN.

FRIDAY: Fear comes true. I meet with an accident leaving my left shoulder collar bone broken into two. Rushing back to the same hospital in deep pain I’m told that this bone cannot be operated upon nor plastered. Hand in a sling with prescribed painkillers I return back home to look after my ailing father. I was introduced to the PAIN OF LONG LASTING INJURY.

SATURDAY: Waking up to the reality of me being immobile due to broken shoulder and seeing dad recover from his immobility of past few days made me understand the changing nature of life. I was introduced to the basic fact of life…NONE CAN ESCAPE PAIN.

I was now prepared to answer my friend’s question…Pain is universal and comes in various forms. Life is the biggest pain giver and a painkiller too. Over to next week!