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No instant results in spirituality 


We are all living in a fast paced world where most things we practice run around the clock. Our everyday life is almost slotted and scheduled according to perfect time tables. The most precious possession today beyond money is ‘TIME’. Struggling to keep pace, we have all got accustomed to a unique concept called ‘Instants’.  From noodles to pizzas, from messaging to online results and deliveries, we want everything instantly.

So most people I meet expect the same from their Spiritual practices – INSTANT RESULTS. They want to get as much as possible, as quickly as possible, from as little commitment as possible. I have had some interesting episodes during my workshops when people walk up to me trying to comprehend why meditation does not work for them. Surprisingly when I ask how long they have been practicing mediation, the answers do not move beyond a few days to maybe a month. Common concerns are also regarding whether they have got their mediation practices right because meditation seems to be yielding no RESULTS.

Well, let me clarify here that even the most progressed masters have not been able to invent an instant technique that can make spirituality work for you. There are various methodologies, techniques and even extremely less time consuming methods to reach your spiritual goals, provided there is patience and persistence. By experience, I can say that each of us can surely pull time out between our busy schedules to focus on inner happenings, provided you have the intent. However, be rest assured that there will be no instant results.

Think about it. Does nature follow shortcuts? There is clearly a season for all things. Every plant blossoms and bears fruit when the time is right – and not one instant before. The same concept applies to us humans, especially when it comes to a phenomenon like Spirituality. All of us can become finer human beings and achieve greater success if we have patience, dedication and faith.

With our professional lives being performance driven, we all feel a need to accomplish something. We’re always trying to reach the finish line so that we can feel a sense of completion and move onto something else. However, meditation and spirituality are never quite like that. Spirituality is a process, not an event. It involves long-term changes in your thinking, your perspectives and your lifestyle. It is important that if you want to change it has to be in slow degrees. You cannot change habits and lifestyles overnight so move at a relaxed and steady pace.

At this stage I would also want to reiterate that unlike common notion, Spirituality does not necessarily involve a lot of ritualistic dealings and routines or schedules, though a common practice for increasing focus, concentrating on the inner self and calming the mind can surely help. Again the options are open. One can take up meditation in any form, take up regular chanting, do a bit of yoga, or just sit peacefully for a few minutes at the end of day, focusing attention on the happenings of the day and let thoughts flow freely. There are no set formulas for deciding your spiritual practice. Anything that works for you and helps you increase focus and reduce mental disturbance is good.