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Nature’s Blessings: Review


Title: Nature’s Blessings

Author: Shilpa Kale

Vijaya Publication

Pages: 99; Price Rs 110

Writing poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea, and poetry that is easy to understand is rare to come by. With her book, Nature’s Blessings, Shilpa Kale transports us to the land of green and calm. “My book is about my stroll into nature with my soul keeping me company most of the time. The stroll led into these wonderful places and made acquaintances with all the kind faces,” says Shilpa about her book. It is often said writers are influenced by the happenings around them, which in turn finds a place in their writing. Poetry, especially, is the proof of this. And Kale’s poems, too, are based on her daily experiences – be it good or bad, angry or sad, all her poems reflect her everyday encounters. “A wonderful moment touches my soul and I turn that moment into a fictional story,” Kale says.

Speaking about her motivations for writing poetry, Kale says “I did not plan on writing any poetry. I’m a software engineer by profession with two young kids that are quite sharp and active. With a great deal of help from my husband, who is also a software engineer, I managed to meet demanding day at work and at home. So, poetry wasn’t even on the agenda or on the horizon. One fine day, it danced into my life, just like that and it’s been my loyal company ever since.”