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Make an effort to bond with yourself


You yearn to be ‘attached’ to the socially influential people for your selfish intentions, but have you made an effort to know and bond with yourself? Believe me, that’s the ‘connection’ of the highest order

We have over a thousand ‘contacts’ on our ‘smart’ phone and every time we are in a soup we browse through that list to fish out the right ‘connection’ to pull us out of it. But are you able to do so without hesitation? I am sure you are not always, because though you are in contact with the person you wish to call, but since you do not feel connected to him/her, you are not sure.

You must be wondering what is the topic of discussion today…contact, connection don’t they mean the same? Well, the dictionary meaning although makes them a synonym of each other, but actually, they imply at two different states of a relationship.

Fast track life

In today’s hectic way of living which sadly has become the way to survive; personal relationships are on a threshold of becoming extinct. There are contacts, but there is no connection. Let me elaborate.

You live in a family with your parents and your kids. You meet them every day, but when was the last time you all sat together and enjoyed the time together as a family, without bothering to look at the watch or worrying about the client meeting scheduled in the coming week? Have you ever had a long walk with your children, where they talk and you listen? Do you even know what is going on in their lives, in their minds; they might be even struggling with a problem for all you know.

When was the last time you sat down with your father or your mother to listen to what they do the whole day when you are gone and do not come till late at night? Or how do they want to spend their time with you? Too engrossed with yourself, aren’t you? Well, in the above-mentioned examples, though you are in contact with your family, you are not connected with them. 

Spiritual coefficient

Something similar is the state of affairs with our mind and body. Between the physical existence and the spiritual content or the essence of our being; between the soul and the supreme, the divine, the one we chose to call GOD, the connection between the two. It is this connection which also is called ‘yog’ in Hindi.

Let me call the bond with your physical existence as ‘Jag-yog’ where ‘jag’ means the world and the spiritual connection with your own self as ‘swa-yog’ where ‘swa’ means self. While we are fully aware of our physical condition and requirements, we are miles away from knowing our divine self and the requirement of our mind and soul. Haven’t you wondered that in spite of all the physical comforts you have around yourself, there is a feeling of a void deep inside you somewhere?  It is also true that till you are connected to the world outside of you i.e., you are in ‘jag-yog’; connection with yourself, i.e.‘ swa-yog’ will not be possible

You are in a constant state of ‘jag-yog’. In constant dialogue with your body and making all the efforts to keep it satisfied, in fact, all the running around you do, is to satisfy your physical desires only. Meanwhile, mind is left to its own devices to trick and trouble you.

You perceive the world through your body, In other words, your sense organs; hence the state of ‘jag-yog’ is perfectly established. But the void I mentioned earlier continues and you are never able to address it, there is always a feeling of incompleteness. And you do not know the reason for it. This means you are unable to establish ‘swa-yog’. There is only the superficial contact with yourself but no connection with your core. You do not realise that you are more than your physical existence; you are more than your body. Your body is just a medium for the manifestation of the person you truly are; a way to express your persona.

Establish connections

When one lives in awareness of the fact that your core content, the life force within you is different from your physical existence, immediately a connection of ‘high’ order is established. The life force within you has got nothing to do with the world outside. Its only intention is to make you aware of the divinity within you, which is nothing but the little fragment of the driving force of this cosmos called GOD. Every minute spent in this awareness is the moment spent in ‘high’ connection. I say ‘high’ because just like an influential connection is able to help you out from a sticky situation, similarly, when you are connected to yourself, you will be able to come out of the most complex and challenging situation your mind tricks you into.

Jag-yog’ will only make you restless, unhappy, anxious and vulnerable to your own thoughts and desires; whereas ‘swa-yog’ will enable you to be at peace with yourself, happy and contented. Just like there is no use having so many contacts unless you are really connected with people on a personal note, similarly there is no use interacting with the world outside your body unless there is a strong connection with yourself and you know who you are, and it is that elusive happiness you are seeking so desperately all the time.

Being one with your core will make you aware that it not the outside world which will ever be able to satisfy your desire for perpetual happiness, it will be only when you look inwards, will that be possible.

Makes you stronger

When you are connected to yourself, your biggest challenge (your own mind) now plays from your side, making you a winner every time. You do not fall prey to the unnecessary blackmail of your own emotions, because now you play the master and control them. Your joys and sorrows are independent of the world you face on the day-to-day basis. Your happiness persists and your sorrows are now not so much difficult to tackle. You do not fight with yourself anymore. You are at peace with yourself.

It is about a time when you stop defining yourself by your body; it is your infinite being within that body which makes you mega and a part of the universe. It is by this infinity of your existence that you get connected with the rest of the universe.

It takes courage to face yourself, cut yourself from all the outside forces affecting your inner peace and stay in your groove.

It is almost like your smartphone choosing the right frequency of the service provider you have chosen out of zillions flowing freely around the device. But it never fails. Think about it, when a machine can do it smartly to stay connected with the frequency, we after all are machines with ‘brains’.  The moments when you will be connected with yourself will be the moments of total awareness when you could evolve, grow and realise what really matters.

Also, remember that self-realisation is possible only in the human form of life, so let’s not waste this opportunity to raise our level of spiritual awareness and stay “highly connected” all the time.