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Love Curry: A Potpourri of Love and Life and All Things in Between! by Pankaj Dubey- Review


Title: Love Curry

Author: Pankaj Dubey

Publisher: Penguin Random House India

Pages: 224

Price: Rs 125

A blend of varied cultures built around a story filled with multifarious emotions, friendship, love and a lot more in between is what this book is about. The crux of the book is the mixture of these elements and the placing of the protagonists into it. Set in the United Kingdom, this book gives you a peek into the life of three friends who coincidently fall in love with the same girl.

One of the features that help the reader connect with the story is subtle, yet, humorous way of writing, along with the flow of the story going at an average pace. The story is not rushed into and ensures to build each character separately. Food, too, makes becomes an important part of the story – hence, the title ‘Love Curry’.

The story comes close to a Bollywood flick in terms of the building up of the characters and the storyline. It begins with three South-Asian guys in a foreign land, under one roof chasing their dreams and accomplishing their goals. This is the numero uno where, as a reader, you get instantly connected to each of the three by one or other virtue. The twist in the story comes with the introduction of the lady love. This twist in the story brings with it a baggage of humour hard to resist.  It is only a handful of times when you see two altogether different topics being perfectly synthesized into a single story.

Just as the story progresses you witness the food story tagging along gradually. The story being easy going, keeps you off the heavy book syndrome and is good for a quick read. With easy to understand language and no unwanted sugar-coated scenarios this book is a definite bookshelf companion.

The prominent factor of the book is apt use of humour even in sombre moments making us curve a smile. Maintaining two themes on a single storyline and ensuring that they do not mix up is what makes this book special. For a foodie, it is a food book given the fact of food being the underlying element of the story, which also keeps the three friends bonded.

The story also gives you snippets into the lives of the characters, backgrounds, their journey till the place and how they all halt at one time. While on one hand, one might feel it to be a typical love story, however, the author has ensured to keep you surprised with the turn of each page.

The feel of the book gives you a tingly feeling in your mind, as well as leaves you with a happy sigh. No two characters are alike and each character has been portrayed differently with a unique backdrop. For someone who loves to look into the details might get a little confused looking at the cover page of the book and pass it as a cuisine book. However, the word “Love Curry” in the title definitely triggers the intrigued alien within your mind.

They say you can smell food and fall in love with it. This book will make you fall for the aroma of love and friendship and make you crave for more. There are no haywire outlets into the story and instead, the momentum of the book stays constant. The book gives you a fresh aspect on the perspective of looking at other countries and their cultures. A reader is able to feel as to what goes beyond the border into another soil through this book.

This book cannot be categorised into a single genre and hence stands apart from the breed. It comes as a refreshing read for readers who are into regular genres. Thanks to the exploration of sub-genres, books like these are hitting a string with bibliophiles.

The story is being planned to be made into a major motion picture soon, however, there is no official word on it yet. With two bestsellers up his sleeve, this book is another stir in book land by Pankaj Dubey. On the whole, this book is a refreshing weekend read to help relax and make you fall in love all over again.