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Learn to live in the moment with your loved ones


Let us keep our mobiles aside and learn to live in the moment with our near and dear ones, writes SUMEET NAIK.

I woke up a little late than my usual time. I had to skip my breakfast in order to reach on time for my appointment with a renowned artist whom I had to interview. I left my house gulping down just a glass of warm turmeric water (which I consume the first in the morning without fail).
After I wrapped up the interview around 11 am, constant hunger pangs left me with no option but to enter a newly opened restaurant very close to where I reside.

Like any other modern joints, the place was decked up with all the possible artifacts and designer furniture. Enough space between two tables to have a conversation at decent decibels and yet not heard by the person sitting at the adjacent one. Just two tables were occupied, leaving me enough choice to select one. I had hardly browsed through the menu and I saw a group of young boys and girls enter followed by a family of six. Now the restaurant was almost full, owing to its smaller size only a table was vacant now.

Seeing all this, I thought to myself whether I had done the right thing entering here as this place was now going to be nothing less than a market place. I prefer a quiet place and now seem to have thrown at the other end. I was wrong. Yes! For the first time I was disturbed not by the noise but by silence. Everyone had placed their orders and were completely engrossed into their cellphones.

Some were displaying their new found culinary skills of typing (better understood as chatting) as fast as they were eating. Even the family of six with two school going kids had nothing to exchange but in between smiles and gestures while each one doing something or the other with their cellphones. Needless to say, college crowd had many selfie experts but none spoke more than a syllable at a time.

Have we become so much addicted to gadgets that we have totally forgotten to enjoy the moment? Are interactions going to be only on mobiles and not the way we used to chit-chat when we were out with our friends? In most of the libraries we find the board…KEEP SILENCE, AS SILENCE IS GOLDEN. It is put up because those in the library are expected to be engrossed into reading and should not be disturbed by sound of our voice. And here I was totally disturbed seeing the bunch of individuals who had come out with companions not uttering a word leaving me to read their minds.

It’s time we realize the value of interacting with our loved ones while we are spending our quality time with them. Enjoy every moment being with each other, save it in your memory and not that of your phone. No device should control that moment meant only and only for you and your near and dear ones.