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In life – Be calm & slow down


One needs to slow down in life at times to avoid a Blank Out, writes Sumeet Naik.

Mind refuses to stay calm,

Thoughts don’t support either,

In between the multiples,

I stand still at crossroads.

There are days when you just go blank, not knowing why you are in a particular situation or have no clue about why you behaved in a particular manner. And when such a ‘Blank Out’ happens, we tend to find convincing reasons behind it.

In our fast pace life, seldom do we think of slowing down or giving oneself a break. We push ourselves beyond our physical and mental limits to stay put in our day to day tasks. Many times when we are feel choked due to several tasks piled up on single day, we tend to get angry for no reason on our near and dear ones, only to repent later for our actions. Just think about this, every day has same number of hours, then why is it so some days we feel there is hardly any time on our hands to finish our tasks. And what follows is ‘Blank Out’.

Most of us have experienced going completely blank during our exam days and that too when we have studied the most for that particular paper. So much we put into studying for the subject we love the most that we tend to believe that we know anything and everything under the Sun. But when the question paper comes into our hand, we are transformed into complete darkness. Here too the reason is that we have too much on our hands but don’t know what to do.

We need to slow down a bit in life to really enjoy life. Here, I don’t suggest to move out of the competition but at least for once take the feeling the being a spectator and enjoy your life sitting on the other side. Even a high-end mobile needs to be charged when its battery drains. So what are you waiting for? Just slow down, to fall down from the unwanted ‘Blank Out’.