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Ideas are your only currency: Review


Title: Ideas are your only currency

Author: Rod Judkins

Publisher: Hachette India

Price: 350 Rs.

Creating idea which works is always a challenge. This book underlined the importance of idea in today’s modern world, where almost everyone is connected by network.

Author gives us 100 creative projects to inspire us in this new reality. Rod Judkins is an innovative lecturer at Central St. Martins, which produced alumni like Pierce Brosnan, who is described as performer!. Rod Judkins informed us “we all need to be prepared for the world that is fluid, global and interdisciplinary. Distinctions between specialties will blur and overlap. In this vortex, there are no maps. Change used to happen over two or three generations. It took the West centuries to absorb the effect of Gutenberg’s mechanical printing press. Now, change is instant. Computers, the internet and other forms of technology reorder the world with alarming frequency. Innovative and creative thinkers, those who create products and services, now drive economies.”

Well, this is debatable premise on which this book stands. The author further informs us “ To prosper in economies of future, then, you need to realize that the real currency of our age isn’t money. It’s not data, our attention or time.

It’s ideas.”

Well, problem with premises is that it is very hard to agree with it. Because world run by money, not by ideas otherwise all inventors who created miracles like printing press to combustion engine to Mobile phone are would have been revered like God but we put Trump and baba Ram Rahim on pedestal. But if you are agreed to author’s premises then this wonderful book full of ideas, which is otherwise difficult to find. But don’t assume this book is about solution to create products and guide to prosperity. No. this book is merely collection of good ideas which stimulates our mind to think differently. If you want to change your only mind to used differently, then this book may prove precious.

Another interesting thing is that this book is designed differently. So it provides a different experience. Ideas are given such a way that you inspired to think differently. It not just gives an idea but put it in contexts. Those who love quotations on technology and design, this book is treasure trove. Author’s collection of quotations are great.Let’s check with an example. One sunny morning, on his way to work, an advertising copywriter passed a blind beggar whose sign read, I’M BLIND.PLEASE HELP.’ The copywriter took out a pen, wrote three words on sign and moved on. The adapted sign read: IT’S SPRING AND I’M BLIND. PLEASE HELP.’from then on the beggar’s cup was stuffed with money.

How will you persuade passersby to stop and give?  With humor? Pity? Interactivity? Then comes reality check in form of quote:

Seven out of ten Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless. – Pras Michel.

So just sake of quotations this is interesting book. let us subscribe author vision: The more ideas there are in world, the better it becomes. Keep ideals of ideation…