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DISHA PRASHANT says creative handmade stuff trend is catching on in India.

Talk about adventure and art takes you on a roller coaster ride of exploring every nook and corner of this abundant universe. Making handmade stuff is something that starts with the mind, travels through the hands and eventually the artist puts his heart and soul into.

Some great soul has rightly said that the EARTH without ART is a sheer EH. Creativity means learning something new each day and giving your best to make it look exceptional. Handmade art has been deeply rooted in the Indian soil for years together. However the changing face of centuries has reckoned a bit of positive queerness to this creativity. Creativity is all about imagination and how one can twist and twirl this imagination is all that matters.

Old is gold and when you have attained dexterity at creating gold out of this old then you are a prime mover. A sneak peek into the in vogue world of the golden era and you will find the most magnetizing fashion icons sporting bows in their humongous hairdos which made them look suave. Bows have never been out of style and are one of the most crowd pleasing accessories which the young missies desire to add to their wardrobes. A random browse through instagram and one would witness that every second lass on this planet sports exquisitely customized hair bows.934880_639600592837690_8880352299773536467_n

Not only does it look quirky but it also makes for a fa10392543_1641008976180487_8769544827532917076_nshion statement. Talking about customized bows this young lady should be bestowed upon the title of THE EMPRESS of customized bows. A crazy cat lover and an equally talented artist this bright, bold and beautiful Roshni Tiwari has made her presence felt at making the most uniquely designed bows. What started as a mere hobby has now taken shape of a full fledged business of this creative soul. Sharing the story of her ingenious journey this environmentalist cum crafter said, “I am a student by profession and a virtuoso by passion. This all began as a do it yourself alias DIY project and eventually turned into a full bloomed biz. I was majorly enkindled by one of my favorite brands and that triggeredme into making bows. I had no formal training of any such activity at which point, youtube came to my rescue.”

Being a true observant that she is Roshni learned the tricks of the trade and started her own brand under the banner named CATS AND BOWS. Pinn11953018_689142221216860_730660806093325486_ning on the ambition of becoming CEO of a prodigious bow manufacturing company, the twinkle in her eyes says it all. Sharing her business experience she said, “Initial response to this business was lull as people were not much aware about styling a bow. However thanks to social networking sites I managed to reach out to people who inturn started liking my work thereby fetching me orders in bulk. There were also instances when people complained about my prices being high, however they never saw the drudgery behind it. Making a bow is a tedious task and at times is time consuming. There have been instances when I have been awake till 2 am to complete orders. Though slowly and steadily, I have managed to create my foothold in this business. It gives me a good feeling to be an entrepreneur at the age of 21. Still a long way to go and a lot more to achieve.”

Some great souls have rightly said that an artist dips the brush in his soul and paints the strokes of a kaleidoscopic cosmos. And with this thought in mind this gorgeous and graceful painter has compelled people to drool on her hand painted scarves, sarees, cushion covers, curtains and lots more. They say a woman looks the sexiest in a saree and when that saree has some handmade designs it add to its glamour. Ever since she was a child Anumeha Gaud-Samal has always been fascinated by the power of a pencil which helped her in bringing her chimera to life.11224068_1617608211853897_5910425742978890025_n

Sitting right in the middle of her ethereal work she sai11221456_1633457996935585_7848153595535632922_nd, “The obsession of painting has been in my blood since childhood. I was a famous kid in school for making perfect diagrams in journals for which I acquired immense applause. I started making sketches at a very young age with the help of a pencil as I was a little petrified of using colors. In a later period all of this came to a halt thanks to my career and odd office hours. Thankfully post marriage with enormous support from my husband I commenced this hobby of mine. To add accuracy to my work I joined small time art classes to learn something new because I feel that learning in the field of art is endless. So the more you acquire the more it becomes flawless.”

Sharing her success story she said, “Once I saw a lady hand painting stoles and was inspired to do the same. Initially I just began with painting a handful of stoles and forwarded them to my close friends and in the course of time started getting orders. It was all a feel good factor as people had faith in my work and started giving me bulk orders. This work keeps me busy and I love it to bits. Whenever an artist sells something, it is not merely for money, it is a piece of his or her own time, efforts and heart going into someone else’s hands. I thank God for bestowing this art in my fingers to make people smile. Every human being has a hidden power which he needs to explore to put it to good use and propel towards happiness.”

When winters arrive we often miss our grandparents especially grandmothers for they weave for us cute woolen stuff. Till date we have witnessed sweaters, socks, gloves made of wool, so how about a twist in the tale? Today we bring to you key chains, earrings, necklaces made of wool by this gifted artist Abida Sultana who has set her hands at making quirky yet chic items from wool. Sharing her woolen journey she said, “I have been a hardcore fan of handmade stuff that gave me happiness. Since childhood I was interested in creating stuff from whatever I got my hand at. To add to it I enrolled myself into fashion technology and costume designing. During college days I started making random stuff as a practice which was bought by people. Seeing this response to my work I started my own page on the social networking site under the label of Uusi Nool. Soon orders started knocking at my door and today I ship my stuff on Pan India. I make crotchets, jewellery, dresses and so on.”

Art they say is just like wine. The older it becomes, the better it tastes. Art has no borders. It is a stunning collaboration between the mighty lord and the soul. It is said that even the most stressed soul on this planet has been relieved because of art and when this art rests in our hands then you are the master of the universe. These stories of young entrepreneurs are truly inspiring and compel us to explore the hidden talents hiding within us to bring to life.