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From The President Is Missing to Trump’s America: 7 books that are making waves in the international literary market


The President Is Missing
Author: Bill Clinton and James PattersonThe President is Missing. The world is in shock. But the reason he is missing is much worse than anyone can imagine. With details, only a President could know, and the kind of suspense only James Patterson can deliver. Former US President, Bill Clinton, is a co-author of the book.

The Outsider
Author: Stephen KingWhen an 11-year-old boy is found murdered in a town park, reliable eyewitnesses undeniably point to the town’s popular little league coach, Terry Maitland, as the culprit. Horrified by the brutal killing, detective Ralph Anderson, whose own son was once coached by Maitland, orders the suspect to be arrested in a public spectacle. But Maitland has an alibi. And as horrifying answers begin to emerge, so King’s propulsive story of almost unbearable suspense kicks into high gear.

Tom Clancy’s Line of Sight
Author: Mike MadenOn a break between missions, Jack Ryan Jr is asked by his mother to visit Sarajevo and track down a girl whose life she saved during the war. Finally, he thinks, life might be quietening down. That’s until he meets Aida – grown from a child into a beautiful and selfless woman. Jack finds himself drawn to her, not to mention impressed by her dangerous work helping Syrian refugees enter Europe. But the region is increasingly unstable, and just as Jack lets his guard down, Aida is kidnapped by the Serbian mafia. Jack’s pleas for help fall on deaf ears, and he realises he must act alone to save the woman he loves.

Trump’s America
Author: Newt GingrichFrom the fight of over the Southern Border Wall to the Republican tax cuts, to the swamp’s unending efforts to undermine and oppose the President, Trump’s America lays out the truth about the Trump presidency – the truth the mainstream media won’t tell you. In this book, Gingrich – who has been called the President’s chief explainer — presents a clear picture of this historic presidency and the tremendous, positive impact it is having on US nation and the world.

The Sun Does Shine
Author: Anthony Ray Hinton with Lara Love HardinIn 1985, Anthony Ray Hinton was arrested and charged with two counts of capital murder in Alabama. Stunned, confused, and only 29 years old, Hinton knew that it was a case of mistaken identity and believed that the truth would prove his innocence and ultimately set him free. But with no money and a different system of justice for a poor black man in the South, Hinton was sentenced to death by electrocution. He spent his first three years on Death Row at Holman State Prison in agonizing silence. But as Hinton realised and accepted his fate, he resolved not only to survive but to find a way to live on death row. With the help of civil rights attorney and bestselling author of Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson, Hinton won his release in 2015.

Author: David Sedaris With Calypso, Sedaris sets his formidable powers of observation toward middle age and mortality. Make no mistake: these stories are very, very funny – it’s a book that can make you laugh until you snort, the way only family can. Sedaris’s writing has never been sharper, and his ability to shock readers into laughter unparalleled.

Am I There Yet?
Author: Mari Andrew This on-point guide to growing up by Instagram sensation Mari Andrew captures the feelings and comical complexities of millennials and adulthood with essays and illustrations in this graphic novel.