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From Texas Ranger to Unhinged: 6 books that are making waves in the international literary market


Title: Texas Ranger
Author: James Patterson and Andrew Bourelle

Rory Yates’s skill and commitment to the badge have seen him rise through the ranks in the Texas Ranger division, but it came at a cost of his marriage. When he receives a worrying phone call from his ex-wife, Anne, Rory rushes to what used to be their marital home, only to find Anne murdered and him as the suspect. Rory’s only choice is to find the killer himself. He risks his job, his pride, his reputation among everyone he loves to pursue the truth.

Title: Feared
Author: Lisa ScottolineWhen three men announce that they are suing the Rosato & DiNunzio law firm for reverse sex discrimination — claiming that they were not hired because they were men — Mary DiNunzio and Bennie Rosato are outraged. To make matters worse, their one male employee, John Foxman, intends to resign, claiming that there is some truth to this case. Feared, the sixth entry in the acclaimed Rosato & DiNunzio series, expertly explores what happens when we are tempted to give in to our own inner darkness.

Title: Tailspin
Author: Sandra BrownRye Mallett, a fearless ‘freight dog’ pilot can fly in the foulest weather and deliver the goods. So when Rye is asked to fly into a completely fogbound northern Georgia town and deliver a mysterious black box to Dr Lambert, he doesn’t ask questions. As Rye’s plane nears the isolated landing strip, he is greeted first by a sabotage attempt that causes him to crash land; and then by Dr Brynn O’Neal, who claims she was sent for the box in Dr Lambert’s stead. With everyone from law enforcement officials to hired thugs hot on their heels, they must learn to trust each other so they can protect the cargo from those who would kill for it.

Title: Wired
Author: Julie GarwoodAllison Trent doesn’t look like a hacker. In fact, when she’s not in college working on her degree, she models on the side. But behind her gorgeous face is a brilliant mind for computers and her real love is writing — and hacking — code. Hotshot FBI agent Liam Scott has a problem: A leak deep within his own department. He needs the skills of a top-notch hacker to work on a highly sensitive project: To secretly break into the FBI servers and find out who the traitor is. But he can’t use one of his own. He finds the perfect candidate in Allison. What Liam doesn’t know is that Allison is hiding secrets that she doesn’t want the FBI to uncover.

Title: Unhinged
Author: Omarosa Manigault NewmanThe former Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison in the Trump White House provides a jaw-dropping look into the corruption and controversy of the current administration. Few have been a member of Donald Trump’s inner orbit longer than Omarosa Manigault Newman. Their relationship has spanned 15 years through four television shows, a presidential campaign and a year by his side in the most chaotic, outrageous White House in history. But that relationship has come to a decisive and definitive end and Omarosa is finally ready to share her side of the story.

Title: House of Trump, House of Putin
Author: Craig Unger

The explosive, news-breaking story of how Putin’s Russia came to control the White House. Much has been written about the ties between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Most reports focus on Russia’s interference in the presidential election, but the true extent of Trump’s collusion with the Russians is only just the beginning to be understood. As the world wakes up to one of the biggest political scandals of the modern era, Craig Unger is uniquely placed to expose the truth behind Trump’s long-running relations with the Russian state.