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From Gautama Buddha to Peppa Plays Cricket: 5 books to help your little ones grow


The Good Indian Child’s Guide to Eating Mangoes!
Author: Natasha Sharma
Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books
Price: Rs 399

This delightful tome, the hue of a ripe mango, is guaranteed to brighten little moods, even as it provides all sorts of information about types of mangoes, how to eat them, the kind of mango eater you are and more. Peppered with delicious bytes, accompanied by fun illustrations, quizzes and quirky comments, it’s a yummy treat – just like a succulent mango.

You May Now Kill the Bride
R L Stine
HarperCollins India
Rs 399The new Fear Street story focuses on family ties which bind sisters together—till death do they part! Stine tells this tale of two sisters, divided by time, each nursing a terrible resentment. Fans will relish the spooky happenings that link two family weddings, decades apart, as an ancient curse takes its toll and history repeats itself. R.L. Stine had launched Fear Street in 1989, a series that was geared towards a bit of an older crowd and which has become a hit.

Peppa Plays Cricket
Author: Peppa Pig
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Price: Rs 484Sunny days are best spent outdoors, perfecting your cricketing skills! Join daddy Pig as he trains Peppa, George and Suzy Sheep to be the next cricketing great. The rousing game in the garden is followed by that most important ritual – the tea break accompanied by cake! Besides introducing little ones to the rules of the game, this book also imparts lessons on teamwork and sportsmanship. Full of friendship, family and fun, this Peppa adventure is perfect for young ones learning about the world.

The Globetrotters
Author: Arefa Tehsin
Publisher: Puffin Books
Price: Rs 199Hudhud is not a very nice boy. He plays pranks on his teachers, gobbles down his classmates’ lunches and torments innocent creatures. Things change when his new History teacher puts a curse on him – a good curse, of course! Now Hudhud must find the answers to all wrongs as he is reborn as a host of creatures both great and small. An eye-opener for Hudhud and the reader as he embarks on this surreal journey, experiencing life as a blue whale calf, a trusting caterpillar, a competitive caribou, and an Arctic tern scared of flying…who must overcome his fears and return home to his mother.

Gautama Buddha
Author: Sonia Mehta
Publisher: Penguin
Price: Rs 150
The fourth in a series of illustrated books created for young readers to get to know our world heroes better, this little biography of Gautama Buddha makes for an engaging read. Sprinkled with little-known facts about the remarkable life of the Buddha, it introduces children to the man who taught the world to look for peace and wisdom, and to find happiness from within. This powerful story of Buddha’s self-discovery and his path to enlightenment includes interesting details about the Buddha’s life, daily routine, Buddhist symbols and ‘Tales That Touch’. A little gem, here.