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From Exam Warriors to Green Gardening: Books to help your little ones grow


Exam Warriors

Author: Narendra Modi

Publisher: Penguin

Price: Rs. 100

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sets to inspire the youth with this book. Written in a fun and interactive style, with illustrations, activities and yoga exercises, this book will be a friend not only in acing exams but also in facing life. Non-preachy, practical and thought-provoking, Exam Warriors is a handy guide for students in India and across the world.

Stories from Scriptures series

Publisher: Notion Press

Price per book: Rs199

Tulika Singh’s five beautifully illustrated books for children — ‘The boy who remained 16’, ‘Shabri Ke Ram’, ‘7 colours of Holi’, ‘Parijat’ and ‘The Princess Who Slept for Fourteen Years’ — inculcate strong moral values among children by narrating joyful stories. All stories are part of SFS series- Stories from scriptures, an attempt to churn our ancient heritage and bring out stories which are evergreen and have stood the test of time.

The boy who remained 16’ narrates a story about a 16-year-old boy who tries to find out the most important truth of his life during his final days. The intense story highlights two important aspects of human life which are faith and perseverance.

The story of ‘Shabri Ke Ram’ is about a small tribal girl who runs away from home to find answers to her inner conflicts. Her life changes when she meets a teacher who shows her the right path and who guides her to achieve her goal. The story demonstrates virtues of patience and inner strength. It conveys an essential message, that one’s caste, education, wealth or looks do not matter, and through devotion and simplicity, one can realise life’s essential meaning.

The book ‘7 colours of Holi’ is a celebration of myriad emotions. The plot of the story revolves around the most colourful festival of India – Holi. The book has seven poetries giving us reasons as to why we celebrate Holi. There are legends of Putna, Dhundhi, Shiva, Kaam, Radha, Krishna Yamuna and Balram. The book takes us on a journey to different parts of India and also teaches us a quick lesson how to make our own organic colour.

The book ‘Parijat’ brings us to a mythical, magical tree called Parijat which grew out from a princess ash, whose bark was golden and bore clusters of fragrant flowers. The tree does not belong to the earth and was revealed by angels. The books stress on the “Power of mind”.

‘The Princess Who Slept for Fourteen Years’ is the story of Mithila’s princess, one of the most unsung characters of the Ramayana. She chose to endure rather than expressing herself and opted for dignified silence over name and fame.

The Cloudfarers

Author: Stephen Alter

Publisher: Puffin

Price: Rs199

Paramount Academy is nothing short of a prison. As Kip comes to terms with this awful military-style school, he makes new friends who have a terrible secret: they are Cloudfarers-a lost tribe of beings from another planet, who have been exiled on earth. And they need his help to get back to their land, away from Principal Captain Lovelock, who is on to them. But time is running out… Join Kip and his friends as they embark on a stormy adventure on the clouds and through dangerous cliffs and mountains to reach a safe haven.

Green Gardening

Author: Benita Sen

Illustrator: Vandana Bist

Publisher: HarperCollins

Price: Rs199

You don’t need a garden to go green. This book of green ideas shows you how to garden almost anywhere … a windowsill, the balcony of your flat, the terrace, the steps outside your home. You can grow plants in boots, coconut shells, tyres, broken pots and old tubs; make feeders for the birds visiting your neighbourhood; create a mini garden in the fish bowl and much more …