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Don’t let your ego take away priceless relations from you


Don’t let your ego snatch away priceless relations and moments from you.

When was the last time you had an argument or heated exchange of words with your best friend? Have you spoken to him or her after that or are you still holding on to what happened between you two on that particular day? It happens, many a times our bloated ego stops us from making that first move towards breaking the ice. Why should I call first? Why should I go and make an attempt to meet him or her? If our relationship is that important, he or she should make the first move.

Wow, such a short life and we have already wasted a day, a week, months or in some cases even years. Once upon a time a person without whom you could not enjoy even a single moment of your life has suddenly become a non-existing entity on planet Earth. I’m no exception; I too have been foolish enough in the past to inflict an irreparable damage to some of the sweetest memories of my life.

We grew up together, doing almost everything that a four-year-old or an eleven-year-old would do. Despite seven years of difference between us, age never became a bone of contention between our daily dose of playful joy and excitement. So much so that me being on the elder side, used to let go playing with the boys of my age in order to play with my little friend. While my other colony friends would be busy displaying their cricketing skills, I would be busy playing with toy cars and dumpers. I enjoyed every moment spent with my little friend; he was part of my every single day.

Years passed by scripting beautiful memories about me and my friend. Until one day when I had to move out the State for professional pursuits. We spoke to each other practically every single day over STD calls (no mobiles then), he too had completed his studies and had got a job.

One day over a petty issue we had an argument and we stopped calling. Few days went by without hearing each other. I did think of reaching out to him first, but as I mentioned earlier, like many others my bloated ego stopped me from doing so.

Until one evening my little friend called up in my office. Operator who by now was familiar to his voice immediately transferred the line. Informing me who was on the other side, the operator was about to connect me with the voice I was eager to hear for so long. But instead I told him to tell my little friend that I was very busy (which wasn’t the case) and would not be able to speak to him now.

Irony is that throughout my life I shall never come to know what my little friend had to say to me that day. He died the same night in an accident, the day my ego shunted him pretending to be busy. Wish I had said…Hello!