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Dialogue with Guru: The unforgettable formulae for success


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Truth triumphs, moreover, truth is victorious every single moment. How does truth triumph? The following story makes the above statement clear:

There was a mighty king in Ballabhagadha. He had a son named Prince Arjunadeva. Arjunadeva was honest and a master of his senses right from his birth. The prince wanted to marry a girl having the virtues of sadacara (righteous behaviour), satyavaktrtva (honest speech) and devotion to duties. Hence, a contest was organised for the marriage of prince Arjunadeva. There lived an old woman in Ballabhagadha who had a daughter. Her name was Gunavati. She was very beautiful, well behaved, of stellar conduct and dutiful.
The king began the contest. Addressing everyone he said, “We need a suitable girl for our prince Arjunadeva, whoever wins in this competition will be married to the prince.” He disclosed the rules and regulations of the contest and said, “The prince will distribute a seed to each of the girls present here. The young women are then required to sow these seeds in flower-pots. A plant will grow and it will bear a flower, whosoever has the most beautiful flower, she will be married to the prince.”

All the contestants returned to their respective places with their seeds. Gunavati went home and sowed the seed in a flowerpot. Every day she watered it and took good care of it as well. Fifteen-twenty days passed by, but the seed did not germinate. With the hope that one day it would turn into a plant, she continued to take great care of it. In this way, two months passed away.

All the princesses reached the royal palace with their respective flower-pots. Everyone had a beautiful flower in their pots, but Gunavati’s flower-pot, however, did not have even a plant. She felt greatly dejected and depressed.

The prince summoned each contestant and observed their flowers. At the end, the prince looked at Gunavati, who was sitting in one corner with a flower-pot that had no plant in it. She was not having the courage to present herself before the prince, but with great hesitation. “Everybody has such a beautiful flower in their pots, but yours is empty,” the prince said to Gunavati. “Prince! I had sown the seed that you had given me and I took good care of it every day, but it didn’t produce a plant, so how could it give birth to a flower,” Gunavati said to the prince. “Is it the truth,” the prince said. “Yes, prince! it is the truth,” Gunavati replied.

The king was very pleased with the truthfulness of Gunavati and he declared that the prince shall marry Gunavati. To this declaration, all the princess said, “It was declared before the contest that the one who has the most beautiful flower would marry the prince.” The king then revealed the secret and said, “The seeds given to all of you were defective so they could never germinate. God knows how you all managed to blossom such beautiful flowers from them.” Gunavati has reflected complete truth and honesty, and we were in search of these very qualities. She has emerged victorious because of her truthful attitude.”

When a person becomes the carrier of divine power by the practice of Yoga, then the Godly power works through him by making him His medium.

Life is all about receiving, conserving and utilising the energy. Hence, one should practice Yoga for receiving the universal energy, follow discipline for its conservation and perform selfless duties.

No matter how favourable or unfavourable a situation be, God’s grace can easily be experienced at all times.

We reap what we sow. We receive the results according to our actions. It is God’s firm and rigid system of justice. Hence, utilise your entire power and energy to perform great actions; not in the hypothesis of their results.

The basis of a healthy life is the comprehensive application of spiritual principles in every moment and activity of life. Medicines cannot buy health. Psychological abnormalities are the root cause to every disease of human body and society.

Every individual possesses some good qualities as well as shortcomings. Practice of Yoga and Ayurveda gradually leads to the elimination of shortcomings and the development of noble qualities.

The correct meaning of the Varnasrama dharma is to have the wisdom of a brahmana in mind, valour and courage of a kshatriya in arms, business skills of a Vaisya in the abdomen (heart) and the capability of service like a Sudra in legs (and hands).
The world cannot beat us; till the time we are defeated by ourselves.

Success is certain for those who are balanced in their body and mind. One who loses the balance has to face defeat.

A dejected person finds difficulties in every opportunity; whereas, an optimistic person sees opportunities in every difficulty. We should accept every moment of life as an opportunity and thus, extract the maximum from it.

(Excerpted from the book Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation & Peaceful World by  Acharya Balakrishna)