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Dialogue with Guru


The nature of real Dharma

 ‘Patanjali yoga pitha mission’ has never motivated or coerced anyone to alter their caste or religion at any point of time. Always remember- Dharma (property, nature) and jati (class of birth as given by the almighty) can never be altered.

Do not aspire but perform righteous actions to achieve moksa (liberation) and svarga (heaven). A great positive change is required in the political and religious perspective of the country. People in politics take pride in calling themselves secular (dharma-nirapeksa = indifferent to dharma), but in reality they forget that no one can, at any given time be devoid of dharma.

The word secularism stands neither to insult nor to encourage unruliness among the people practicing different religions or spiritual faiths, to humiliate the majority and thereby deceive people by projecting oneself as the greatest well-wisher or advocate of the minority too is not secularism. In fact, the word secularism appears meaningless from the linguistic point of view, as every person, object or thing has its own dharma (property, nature), and thus can never be devoid of it.

It is an irony to call the external forms of worship and oblations etc. as dharma. Misconceptions, hypocrisy, hatred and proselytization (altering one’s religion) are made synonymous with dharma in today’s modern world. If we look at our history: some two thousand years ago from now, we won’t find any hermitage, mosque or church at that time. There was neither purana, Quran or Bible around two thousand years from now, nor Srimadbhagvad gita five thousand years ago, nor any evidence of ‘Ramayana’ ten lakh years ago. Does it mean that dharma did not exist earlier? The history of vedic sanatana-samskrti (the culture of our rsis) dates back to millions of years from now, at that time holy saints and sages regarded the ethical moral values and performance of righteous actions of life as dharma.

We have forgotten the virtues of non-violence, truth, equanimity, satisfaction and global harmony and have considered the external symbolistic karma-kandas (religious ritual practices) as dharma. The word proselytization is as meaningless as the word secularism. Dharma means truth, non-violence, sacrifice, love, harmony, tolerance, selfless-service and generosity, hence the word proselytization is irrelevant. If it has no relationtionship with any of the moral values, then why go for it. To be more precise, which are inculcated unintentionally but naturally are called dharma.

 Dharma propels us to adopt the path of paramartha (the highest goal) instead of svartha (selfishness); then why reservation and racism in the name of dharma. Conspiracies and debates are hindrances in the growth of any country. Dividing society in the name of religion and community is deteriorating and devastating for national unity and integration.

Conjunction of virtues, such as non-violence, truth and others, that are approved by all the communities, philosophies, cultures and traditions and can be incorporated in practical life are together termed as dharma.

One should establish his identity in the society through his actions, and not by any caste, doctrine, religion or community. Doubting the wisdom of aptapurusas (benign awakened personalities) and rsis shall ultimately prove to be meaningless and pathetic.

The explanation of dharma offered by the dharmagurus, mullahs, moulavis, pastors (so called masters of various communities) are all misconceptions and deceptions in the name of dharma. Selfishness, impatience, persistence, ignorance and egoism of these so called spiritual masters, never allow one to percieve the exact truth. Hence, the nuisance of dharma, Truth and holiness are to be searched irrespective of any desires.


The Marma of Dharma and Karma

All dharmas focus on karma (performance of righteous actions): Srimadbhagvad gita says — ‘Karmanyevddhikaraste ma phalesu kadacana‘, similarly the holy Ramacaritamanasa echoes for ‘Karmapradhana visva raci rakha’ and Kabira writes ‘Karma ka lekha mite na re bhai’. All comprehended the principles of vedic-culture and then propagated their own beliefs, creed and sects, but nobody can establish the true nature or essence of dhrama without adhering to the perennial sandtana dharma.

We must not become the flag-bearer, worshipper or supporter of the symbols and modalities associated with dharma, rather we must deeply adore the greatness of the behavioural and functional aspect of dharma. We should regard non-violence, truth, love, compassion, generosity, selfless service, patience, forgiveness, purity, satisfaction and other virtues of life as the true ingredients of dharma.

The exact meaning of karma is to devote oneself completely in the performance of vihita karma (those which are suggested as ideal actions by the vedas). We must have the perseverance, liveliness, commitment to produce the greenest crops in the most infertile of the lands with cent per cent power, energy, talent, competence and capability.

Even with God as the ever present witness, non- performance of the vihita (ideal) actions with hundred percent commitment, competence and capability is the greatest larceny and sin.

Our life will become worthwhile and blessed if our innermost soul evaluates us not as a thief and sinner, but as an industrious, dedicated and pious person.

Only vihita actions determine the destiny or outcome of our actions. Actions are just actions neither big nor small. Hence, allow your actions to become your worship. Greatest fortune will definitely befall on you. The same will endow us with abhyudaya (worldly excellence) and nisreyas (spiritual progress).