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Pay disparity

I am a 30 year old woman and my co-worker is the same age, we both have the same post at work. The only minor difference is that I am known and appreciated for putting in a lot of hardwork whereas she is tagged as the lazy one. Inspite of this her salary is more than mine, I have tried talking to authorities and they keep saying they will increase my pay but that never happens. I do not know what is wrong with me or what I have done that I get paid less, this tends to decrease my confidence at work.

 Ans: Uou might be taken for a ride, because if your office authorities do not have any concrete reason for generating the difference in your pay compared to your colleague, in spite of asking them, and additionally acknowledging that you in fact work harder, there should be no other excuse. You need to put your foot down and you have two choices to do so, one is you can talk assertively expressing your feelings and firmly put down what you expect out of them to take appropriate actions giving them a deadline to act upon or the second choice is that you subtly bring to your authority’s notice that you are unhappy with the pay here and hence planning on quitting the job. If this work as a threat to them and they realize not to let you go and that unjust was done hence the take a step to mend it, then they will negotiate the circumstances with you and ask you to stay. It’s worth the pain if you are respected, otherwise there seems to be no other reason why you should be tolerating this unjust behavior towards yourself, you have to teach the world how you like to be treated.


I am 25 years old and I have just started my new job. It is a start up and I love the work that I do. However, there are all women around me and though generally a man would love to work in an environment where there are all women, I am of a different opinion as there is a lot of problems I face. Firstly, I do not like being bossed around by a lady and secondly I do not like the negative environment that is created because they gossip and back bite a lot. Also there is always some sort of groupism, as they relate to certain life situation for which obviously they count me out and I feel left out.  I love my job profile, but I cannot handle the environment. I am paid really well, but at the end of the day I am not happy at my work place. What should I do?

Ans: Since you have just started with the job, it would be wise if you continue your job for a bit longer and give yourself sometime to get adjusted to your work environment. Like you said any one could jump for such opportunity, but joke apart, you are being too judgmental of these colleges a bit too soon. Get over the myth that only women gossip, in a lot of work set up gossips re very common. Look at the bright side in fact women can be emotionally supportive and once you develop that sort of a bond with few of your colleagues, you might feel at ease to work an even probably fun too.  Anyways quitting so soon will not reflect well on your c.v. too, so give some time if everything seems to be worth, few work relations should not make you impulsive to quit and give up the rest worthy things. If you feel you cannot gel with the others, you can keep professional relationships and drown yourself into work without paying much attention to the other unimportant stuff going on in the office. That could be your second option.


I am a 45 year old woman working in a media firm for the last 22 years. For a while now I had been managing a project that could give me the promotion I had been aiming for since seven years. I put in all my effort and time into it along with my team and it was a total success. But when the review of the project was taken it showed that the new and young colleagues of the team had handled the whole project, they didn’t mention my input at all. In fact some if the major decisions were mine and there was no mention of it. I am quite concerned that this will affect the decision about my promotion. What should I do? Please help.

Ans: You can either wait and watch and not think too much, the experts taking the decision may be aware of your inputs but may not be discussing it overtly or if you are pretty sure your promotion is questionable, you can express it to your authority about your take. Every team has a head coordinator or an in charge for a reason, you should clear the air and explain you role that you played in this project. May be they have misunderstood your efforts and the only thing needed is to bring to their notice. Approach smoothly, without blaming or holding a grudge on anyone, be open about their opinion, ask for an explanation if that helps you to keep in mind for next time and learn from your mistakes. This situation can be dealt with and you should do it maturely and sincerely, you need not worry as you are an expert in your work and you have good years of experience. Be persistent and stay focused on your goal for promotion.