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Covering your Wedding: Here’s how to do it in style


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Getting married is one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life. It marks a turning point in the lifestyle of both the bride and groom.

In the case of Indian weddings, you need start planning the event well in advance, because the customs and traditions are quite elaborate.

You can make the whole experience easier by hiring a professional wedding planner to help coordinate the whole ceremony, right from your engagement to the formal tying of the knot, and even the after party!

If you need help finding wedding planners in your region, use UrbanClap, a lifestyle app with a local-services marketplace that lists the finest professionals for many specialized jobs.

Indian wedding ceremonies often last for more than a single day. Planning the actual ceremony and the pre-wedding photoshoots requires a significant amount of time and a lot of thought. Here are a few suggestions to make these images memorable, magical, and worth preserving for a long time.

The Pre-Wedding Shoot

In India, even now, most marriages are arranged, and the bride and groom meet each other during the engagement period. The engagement ceremony itself is important, and forms part of the pre-wedding coverage.

There’s even a formal ceremony where the families of the bride and groom get together and finalise the betrothal.

During this time the couple is still getting to know each other. The excitement of a new relationship, anticipation of the actual wedding ceremony, and the beginning of a new life are all reflected in their interactions.

Planning the way this special time is immortalised will help capture a set of fantastic images and memories that will last many lifetimes. This article can help you understand what goes into this process.

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Time It Well

If yours is an arranged marriage, you probably need a little time after the engagement to be really comfortable with each other.

So, schedule the shoot when you feel like you’re ready. But start well before the actual wedding because good shots require time and planning, and you may not always get great photographs during the first shoot.

Choose The Locations

Discuss the locations with the photographers and let them know if there are any places that are special to you. For longer photo shoots, it’s advisable to avoid public places. Cameras in public locations tend to attract attention, and this could affect your comfort level.

Create A Scenario

Opportunities for candid shots can arise at any time. A professional photographer has the patience to wait and capture the right moments.

However, if you want an elaborate set of related shots, you need a plan. Unless the two of you are models, actors, or used to facing cameras, posing for photos on cue is difficult. You could feel self-conscious and the photos may not be great.

So plan a rough story outline. This may be based on a memorable experience you shared, or a place that you like to visit. Recreate the setting, using props if necessary. Take your time and get really comfortable with the backdrop and your made-up situation.

A skilled photographer will know to snap pictures when you interact naturally. This can help create wonderful candid shots that you will always cherish.

Plan Group Shots

Besides romantic photographs of you sharing special memories with your significant other, you might also want images of yourselves with close family members.

Plan out these sessions in advance, especially the shoots with parents, siblings, and your respective nieces and nephews. This is the time you understand each other’s families, and it’s a great time to capture some truly wonderful moments.

The Actual Wedding Coverage

The marriage ceremony is the one that you really want on camera. However, you’ll be too immersed in the formal ceremonies to be bothered by the camera. So these shots will be more natural than your pre-wedding pictures.

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However, you might want to discuss which parts of the function you want extensive coverage of.

For instance, in a Hindu ceremony, the smoke from the fire might obscure some parts of the function. So maybe you could instead capture moments like the tying of the mangalsutra.

You’ll probably look your best in the moments leading up to the actual ceremony, and you want more photos taken during this period. You also want the formal procession and welcoming of the groom (baraat) covered fully. This will form an important part of a set of groom portraits.

wedding_04                                                                               Image Credit: Parek Cards (Flickr)

If you’re the bride, you might want a few fantastic shots of yourself in full wedding regalia, decked out in bridal jewelry. Hire a bridal makeup artist and wedding photographers using UrbanClap, a lifestyle app with many good quality services. Planning the way this special time is immortalised will help capture a set of fantastic images and memories that will last many lifetimes. This article can help you understand what goes into this process.

As for the actual rituals, an experienced photographer will know what to capture on camera. So make sure you hire a professional. This will ensure that you have a comprehensive record of photos and videos that you can go through later.

Your marriage isn’t just any ordinary function. It’s a celebration that marks a new phase in your life. It signifies the formal beginning of a new relationship that is expected to last for a lifetime.

Such a special occasion requires careful, planned coverage. You’ll end up with a collection of wonderful photos and videos of the ceremony and the lead-up to it, which will keep the memories fresh in your mind.