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At times, one must let go dependency over others to stand tall


At times one must let go dependency over others to stand tall

As a kid I was always fascinated about bicycles and would miss no opportunity to sit on one for a free ride. But the fear of falling down and not been able to balance was always there, so I preferred someone else taking up the rider’s job, while I enjoyed the ‘chauffer driven’ ride. Until one day on my birthday, my parents gifted me with my first ever two wheeler – blue colour Hamilton bicycle.

Well aware of my fear of falling down, my parents got it fixed with two extra balancing wheels on both sides of rear wheel. What I had to do was only paddle and bask into the glory that I could now ride my own bicycle. Because of those two supporting wheels, I was so much at ease that the fear of falling down did not ever cross my mind.

One day when I returned from school, I noticed one of the extra wheel fitted on the rear was missing. No one in the house knew where it had disappeared or who had removed it. For two days I did not touch the bicycle. I was scared that I would lose my balance. Not able to resist any further, on the third day I took out the bicycle and thought to myself that if at all I lose balance I would take support of that one extra wheel which was still there to prevent me from falling. For several weeks ahead, I kept full faith and trust upon that wheel and as a matter of fact, it never let me down either.

Summer vacations were about to begin, I had already made plans with my colony friends to go cycling every morning. And just then I was up for a rude shock of my life. The only balancing wheel was also gone and nowhere to be found like the first one. My will power and inner strength was put to test with my most trust worthy friend gone missing. I had nasty falls a couple of times. But I did not want to give up on the plans I had made with my friends. Unknowingly, I had learnt to ride a bicycle without any support. My fear had vanished just like those wheels did. Almost a year later I was told that the wheels were actually removed on my father’s instructions as he did not want me to be dependent on them forever.

Similarly, in the journey of your life you will come across many people who will be your support, guide and protector. They will be there with you in good as well as bad times. But one day, they will move far away from your life after they have played their role. You may experience a fall in your life without them. They are the ones who also taught you to rise up and fight back. Do not stop, continue to paddle, it will take you to different destinations in life. Until one day, you become that supporting wheel for someone else.