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Ask the sexpert II  


Former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar looks on during the launch of a new album Khamoshi Ki Awaz by Ghazal maestro Pankaj Udhas in Mumbai late November 7, 2014. AFP PHOTO/STR (Photo credit should read STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images)


One of India’s most popular sexpert columnists (Dr Mahinder Wats) is on a brief holiday and we happily announce that Sunil Gavaskar, another mighty wielder of the pen will handle the ‘Ask The sexpert’ column till he is back. Our new Sexpert will handle questions on any topic from sex to cricket.

Q: Are you right in trolling  cricket spectators for watching  cricketer-girl friend Anushka Sharma from  coming to watch Virat Kohli play? Doesn’t it affect Virat’s concentration and game?

A: With people like you watching cricketI am tempted to add one more word to my cricket vocabulary.’ Frustros’ or killjoys of love in cricket. Do you know that cricket is a most enjoyable game with lots of romance thrown in Even on TV which often  showed ruthless, aggressive batters bashing bowlers all over the field has its own charm and thrills particularly from the opposition, and Virat is an expert in this.

Q: Do you agree that players like Virat have all0wed to be dominated by slam bang kind of batting? Where is stroke play, classical batting, delicate late cuts and leg glances?

A: Everything changes with time. The old style gives way to the new? What is wrong with the old style, but it can merge with the old? Don’t you like the Dilscoop perfected by Sri Lankan star Dilshan? Makes me think of delicious Mohali: Indian batsman Virat Kohli celebrates after winning the ICC World T20 match against Australia at PCA cricket stadium in Mohali on Sunday. PTI Photo by Shahbaz Khan (PTI3_27_2016_000221B)scoop lots of Strawberry ice cream. As for leg glances keep your eyes open for the lovely and sexy short skirts showing lots of leg by girls who come to watch cricket

Q: How serious was your advice to batters and wicketkeepers that with Virat in such majestic form they should switch over to wicket-keeping or batting. But never to bowling.

A: I meant every word of it. With Kohli around don’t even think of batting. For the next five or seven years.

Q: Wasn’t there someone called the Don? How would you compare Virat with him?

A: O, that is another generation when the world was small. Dom never played against Afghanistan. Upper Sudan, Lower Sahara and so on. Virat had centuries against them. And he had to contend with so many endorsements I first refused to believe it but recently Virat said he had never seen currency notes, it is all, cheques, bullion and so on.

Q: Since you are 12th man for Dr Watsa let me ask some questions on his topic. If Virat plays so much slam bang cricket will he do the same in real life cricket, without much finesse and stroke play? 

A: That will depend on the kind of response he gets from his partner. I think it will be great. After all he is only 27 peaking up nicely and will reach his the top of his form.