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App review: Hash, Alto, Ludo Live


Hash – Today’s Talking Points

Hash brings you the stories people are talking about. Aggregating popular tweets about the day’s most topical stories, Hash is a simple, visual way for everyone to catch up on global events. Get up-to-date with the stories people are talking about, consume news easily and quickly in bite-sized highlights, receive a personalised video round up every morning, follow stories and get notified when there’s a new development, access background information for each and every story, get the best out of Twitter, even if you’re not a registered user, discover influential people’s opinions about global topics. Available on iOS and Android.

Alto – Email Organized for You

Alto goes beyond the typical inbox by providing intuitive organizational tools and features like Cards and Stacks that automatically highlight the most important and timely information. Find photos, attachments, flight schedules and more without the hassle of scrolling and searching. Your email experience doesn’t have to be painful. Download Alto Mail now and spend less time digging and more time living. No more cluttered mess to sift through when searching for a specific email in a specific account. Alto keeps your accounts all in one place whether it’s Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, iCloud, Hotmail, AOL Mail and even your corporate accounts. Alto also supports Microsoft Exchange, and any account that uses IMAP. Available on iOS and Android.

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Ludo Live! Heroes and Strategy

Play a brand new, innovative game of Ludo with mythical heroes and epic battles. Plan your moves. Cast Spells. Decide which battles to fight and which heroes to play with. In Ludo Live! roll the dice and make decisions to destroy all your opponents with your heroes and win the game.

Features: New and modified version of the classic Ludo game, Play with mythical heroes like: Garuda, Baali, Mahakaal, Chandaal, Sultana and Mohini. Unlock 18 mythical heroes, each with their own fighting style, weapons and attacks, Cast spells that heal you and attack your opponents, Fast and active gameplay. Just roll the dice, and use your Heroes, Play against players from across the world, battle for global dominance, Simple as Ludo but with layers of strategy, makes for hours and hours of gameplay, More heroes, dice and boards being added with updates
From the makers of India’s favorite mobile games Teen Patti Live!, Poker Live! and Carrom Live!, here is yet another spectacular reimagining of one of your favorite games of all time – Ludo. Play with your friends and families, at parties, in the train, in the traffic. Play everywhere. Play all day! Available on iOS and Android.

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Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

Send Anywhere- Spend less time sending your files and more time enjoying them! Easily share all your photos, videos, contacts, etc. with as many devices as you want all via a six-digit key, QR Code, or through social media and messengers. Free file sharing with no limitations on file or device type, size, or amount. Write External Storage-To store files that are received through Send Anywhere in external storage (SD Card), Read External Storage- To send files stored in external storage through Send Anywhere, Access Coarse Location -To find different devices running Send Anywhere are on the same network (This will make nearby sharing a lot easier, without using the six-digit key to send files) Get Accounts -To set default profile name when using Send Anywhere for the first time, Read Contacts- To send contacts stored in your phone, Camera- For being able to receive files via a QR Code. Available on iOS and Android.