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App It Up: Quick review of Degoo, WalnutPay and more



100 GB free secure cloud storage! Store your files free forever with Degoo. Choose what you want to backup, like your photos or documents, and we store it all securely in Degoo’s online cloud storage. Features: Encrypt all your stuff using military grade encryption before uploading them to the cloud,  You can store triple copies of each file to ensure they are always there when you need them, detect when you snap a new photo or add some files and make sure your backup is always up to date. Never think about backup again! You can restore your files from your cloud storage to any computer in the world, whenever you want. If you need more than 100 GB you can upgrade your free account to our affordable premium accounts. Available on Android.

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Spark Pro

From the creators of Spark Camera, comes Spark Pro, the most beautiful video creation tool exclusively available on iPhone. Spark Pro makes it easier than ever to capture a weekend, a vacation, or anything that makes your life light up. Features: Simply press and hold to capture as many moments as you’d like in 1080p HD; choose from stunning filters by simply sliding; add music from your iTunes library to give your video the perfect mood; trim, reorder, and delete clips from your video with a beautiful and simple interface; share your Spark with your friends on Instagram, Snapchat Memories, iMessage, or anywhere else. Spark Pro gives everyone the creative confidence to create beautiful video memories. Available on iOS.


Split & Settle expenses and transfer money to friends for free. With Walnut you can send and receive money directly in your bank account using only your Debit Card. No need to settle in mobile wallets. More than a million users trust Walnut to save money and time. Walnut is the best way to split expenses with your friends and pay them too. Use Walnut among friends and roommates to track and pay shared expenses on trips, vacations, eating out, and daily expenses. Available on iOS.

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FarmVille: Tropic Escape

Escape to an island getaway filled with adventure, mystery and fun new mini games in this colourful free-to-play game from the makers of FarmVille, the number one farming franchise. Adventure unfolds all around your island. Catch fish with Capri the dolphin, explore with the playful monkeys and much more. Story-based quests help you explore uncharted areas, learn more about your island and find rare items and goods. Discover all of the tropical crops and exotic animals that call your island home, create your dream island filled with unique fruits and veggies, fun drinks and adorable animals. Available on Android, iOS.