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Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problems


Regretting own decision

I have recently quit my job and serving my notice period. I have to work for another 2 months and in the process handover my tasks to the person who is going to replace me. I have no job waiting for me once I quit and this is bothering me to no end. Each day I contemplate my decision and am almost on the verge of regretting it. I took the decision knowing fully well that this is not something I would be happy to continue on daily basis. How can I not let this thing affect me?

Ans: Transition can be an unnerving process. Your question says that you took this decision of putting in your papers at the current job knowing fully well that you would not be happy doing this on a daily basis. You seem to have thought about this decision before taking it and now that the notice period may be advancing, and you do not have a job in hand, the uncertainty of “what next” seems to be looming large before you.  Uncertainty can be rattling especially in the situation that you described where you do not have a job waiting for you post your notice period. However, transition and uncertainty are part of the journey of life. Certainty does feel better than uncertainty as it makes one feel safe, secure and sorted, even if it is what you may not like. It is natural to think at this time that was this the right decision to take to leave the job before having another in hand. We often hear people say that a bird in hand is better than two in the bush. However, I would like you to ponder over the fact that you did not enjoy what you are doing and as a result, I would think that every day would have been quite hard and would have been exhausting and draining. You also need to remember that the fact that you had this current job attests to your potential. Please believe that if you could have gotten this job in the first place, you can get another one too. It is important to not let your conviction and confidence in your decision be weakened simply because you do not currently have another job in hand. Every time you doubt your decision, respond to the doubt with you’re a recollection of your strengths and positives. By doing so, you will be able to not only tolerate but also navigate around the uncertainty. Please focus on taking action on exploring new avenues instead of reminiscing about the current decision taken.

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Walking on wrong path

Last week one of my colleague suggested that we do something which is against the company policy and since then I have been quite disturbed. My colleague wants to take some sensitive information from the company database and then start a new venture on his own. He would want my help with the technicalities and hence cued me into this. I am not willing to be a part of this as I think it to be very risky. How do I avoid this situation? 

Ans: This sure sounds risky and ethically and morally incorrect. It is always better to be direct than to make excuses and avoid the situation. Since you are very clear that you would not like to be part of this, please have a direct talk with this friend of yours sharing your stand with him openly and honestly. It is OK to agree to disagree. But more than that sometimes being a good friend involves bringing to their notice their incorrect actions. Also know that merely not being part of an act does not make one free from responsibility, being a quiet bystander while knowing about something incorrect makes one as much a participant. Please communicate to your friend openly that while you may choose not to be part of this, you may also be obliged to report this if he decides to go ahead with this even without being involved. Passive on looking makes one an accessory to the act. Do not fear losing the friendship if it comes to that.

Longing for promotion

I am a professional working in a healthcare set up. It’s been almost 3 years at the current workplace and I am yet to achieve some elevation in my post. I have spoken to my boss time and again, but he seems to turn a deaf ear to my requests. I love my job and it gives me a lot of flexibility which I doubt I will find anyplace else. I am not sure I can work at the same post and see no shift. The conflict revolves around the uncertainty at the job which is getting difficult to handle. 

Ans: You could start with disallowing yourself to feel defeated on account of the conflict and that your boss seems to turn a deaf ear. This can be a frustrating situation where one is not getting the money that one feels one deserves. But remember, there are always different advantages to every job. Some people are happy with the kind of work and work culture and the opportunities the job presents them with, others with the monetary compensation and others with the job satisfaction and social good that the job enables them to do. Monetary compensation is very important especially when you feel that you have been here for 3 years and are doing your best here. However please evaluate the benefits that this job offers you with, like you said, flexibility that you may not get anywhere else. It’s important to do an analysis of the flexibility factor along with the monetary compensation required and have another conversation with your boss in a rationale and an objective manner. Simultaneously continue to demonstrate actual proof of results while keeping yourself open to exploring other avenues of work.

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My company has undergone an internal shift with the management and because of this many people are let go. I didn’t make it to the first two lists of people who are being let go but I am apprehensive about the same. I can see that I am putting in more efforts and hours at work than necessary which is affecting my relations with my colleagues as well. I am not sure how to deal with this stress. 

Ans: There seem to be two elements that may be contributing to your stress here, one is the fear of getting laid off and the other could be related to the extra hours and additional efforts that you may be putting in to prove that you are hardworking and a solid resource to the company. In a situation like this, your efforts to secure your position by exerting yourself at work may be causing insecurity to your colleagues as they too would like to secure their own positions. This is for sure an additional source of stress. We all like to maintain pleasant relations with all at work and a strain in relationship of any kind can unpleasant. However, please know that you need to do what you need to do for yourself. Protecting and safeguarding one’s interests is only one’s own responsibility. Try not to get affected by the responses and reactions of others, focus on your task at hand.