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Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problems


Job dissatisfaction

I am 25 years old commerce graduate and working for the past 4 years. My first internship turned into my first job as the company was absorbing interns into the job within 6 months of joining. The experience was amazing as well as thrilling. It was 2 years into this job when the company folded, and we were let go. I found another job instantly but since then the job satisfaction has always been an issue. I think I haven’t settled well in any other workplace due to some reason I come up with within few months and from there on struggling to sustain for a long time at that workplace. What can I do to not let this hamper my work progress?

Ans: There is some hint of you missing the work culture and environment from your previous organisation which needs to be looked into. In case there is any comparison taking place at a conscious or an unconscious level, then it could possibly cause hindrance in the work. The new workplace would have its own pros and cons and it is important to look at them independently as two places would never be exactly similar to each other. The basic work environment (for instance amicable relationships with the colleagues, safe working environment, less stress and exciting work to name a few) should be in place and anything over and above which suits your moral as well as emotional wellbeing should be looked at. This will help you make decisions based on practicality rather than nostalgia and emotionality alone.

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Burdened with work

I am a recent graduate who just got appointed to my new work place. I was excited to start work and begin with my new phase of life. It’s been a few days since I’ve started work at this place and I feel like I’ve been pressurised with too much work all at once. Just because I am new here and I’m the youngest I’ve been given to do things that are not even related to my work and I just don’t know how to refuse to do it. I don’t want to say no and create a bad impression in just my first week. Please advise as to how I’m supposed to go about it.

Ans: At times we take up a job assuming the role to be a particular way without making it clear in the start or trying to understand the role before taking up the responsibility. It can also happen that the allocation of work by the superiors would have an agenda and may not be due to you being the youngest and new. If you are not liking certain things/tasks given to you, speak to your superior and discuss your duties rather than doing it and then feeling pressurised due to work. You are there to learn how thing function and it is always better to tell the superiors what are your strengths and weaknesses and openness towards learning. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t imply creating a bad impression.

Bullying blues

I started as a junior analyst at my firm some 4 years ago. I went through a lot of bullying by my then boss but since I was in need of work and money I stuck by and didn’t really say anything. Today, after his retirement I have been offered his post and I feel I might not do justice to the post as my entire perception towards it has been negative throughout. I know it is an amazing opportunity, but the past experiences keep hindering my progress aspects. Kindly guide.

Ans: There is a strong negative association between the job and the experience which has not been dealt with for the last 4 years. Firstly, understand that the resentment is more towards your boss and how he abused his position being a superior rather than the job in itself. You have assumed the post but not inherited the qualities of your boss. Looking at the opportunity as being amazing along with the negative memories might help settle into the role easily than being focused on the fact as to how you were made to feel back in time. You had to go through a hard time, but your resilience helped you sail through and this can be used as your strength in other situations as well.

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Need for anger management

I work as a Senior Manager in Sales at a reputed firm. With great difficulty I have made it to this position. I am finding this post slightly out of my league is what I have realised in past few days as my reaction to stress is not really optimum. Last month I yelled at a subordinate for a small error, few days ago threw across papers in a meeting with the team and last evening fired an intern because I couldn’t tolerate the slowness in his work. I am unable to understand this sudden change in me and I can’t afford to lose my credibility over these outbursts. Do you think this is related to aggression?

Ans: From what has been mentioned the incidences do reflect low tolerance level resulting into angry outbursts. The insecurity towards your capabilities is somewhere causing this reaction and hence dealing with this insecurity should be step one. Step two would be behavioural modifications wherein you have to be mindful about the actions you take when others are being slow or not functioning as per your directions/requirements. Also reminding yourself that though it took a lot of effort to reach where you are, it doesn’t have occupy your entire thought process.