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Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problems


Losing interest

I have been working in this agency for the past one year. The team that I am working with is wonderful and I really enjoyed my initial few months at this place. But off late, say two months or so, I am getting bored and feel very mundane working over here. There is no excitement and no sense of accomplishment although it is a comfortable workplace. Each time I go to work, I feel I am dragging myself and for no reason feel stressed. My sleep is also getting affected and I really want to get out of this. Do you think I should quit?

Ans: First, it is important to understand the reason for making you feel bored and work appearing to be mundane. There could be various possibilities such as tiff with the boss, incompatibility with the colleagues, office politics, unfair treatment, lack of growth, etc. The idea is to figure out whether it has anything to do with the work environment or your personal limitations. In case, it’s the work environment which is affecting you to the extent that you get stressed out and are unable to sleep then changing jobs would make sense. But it is also essential to introspect and figure out that whether being bored at work is a recurring trait. If it is, then it’s imperative to work on self as well. Because even if you quit this workplace with existing limitations within self and move to some other place you might not be content and happy even then.

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Planning to switch  

I cleared my CA exam last year and since then I have been job hopping. I can’t seem to find a place which I can work for diligently as I lose interest immediately. I tried changing the sub field in auditing but even that did not work. I got my monthly evaluation last week and it says that I am doing well, and my clients are happy with my work. My firm wants to send me for an out of town audit visit somewhere next month. I am very excited but at the same time I’m not sure if I want to continue in this firm for long. Should I take up this new project or then move to something new?

Ans: You are torn between two choices which are both lucrative. Weighing these options in terms of pros and cons is essential, as it will give you a clearer idea of what you could possibly do with respect your job and the upcoming opportunity. At times, we are reluctant to take up new opportunities because we base it on past experiences of failure and disappointments. However, in order to find out where your interest level lies, it is essential to utilize such opportunities at work and at the end decide whether you would want to continue with it or not. Not attempting or letting the chance pass by may result in regret later on in life. Thus, make your choices based on the practical considerations as well.

Partnership under scanner

I moved to Bangalore six years ago and started working with a friend’s start up. Today both of us have made it big and the firm stands strong. Since six years is a long time and working closely with my friend has been a daily thing, people around started raising questions regarding our relationship. We share a complete platonic relationship but because of constant office gossip our respective spouses are suddenly getting irritable with the two of us. We can no longer hang out together without having to give explanations. I am thinking of moving to a different work place as I can’t lose him as a friend. Do you think it’s a wise move?

Ans: There is a lot of emotionality reflected into the problem that you have mentioned above. To resolve this, it is important to keep aside emotionality and the practicality so as to make a well thought through decision. Your respective spouses need to be explained that the nature of the relationship has always been platonic and has not undergone change recently. Second, having strict policy at work to discourage is important, so that not only you but even other employees do not affect by those who can’t help but gossip. As far as the question is concerned, you have put in your hard work for the past 6 years. Leaving it when it has reached its pinnacle just because there are untrue rumours shouldn’t be a reason for you to quit your job.

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Discouraging colleagues

I am on this Keto diet. I’m really trying to lose weight, however when I’m at work I see people around me eating and I don’t know how to control my craving my colleagues force me to eat and aren’t motivating at all. Sometimes they do it on purpose. How do I ask them to motivate me without getting angry?

Ans: Work would be taking up the major part of the day and thus the build-up of anger and frustration is understandable. You first have to be comfortable with your dietary patterns so that you do not come across as being defensive when others at your workplace bother you or deliberately instigate you. During the lunch hour, you could carry your own food and eat with your colleagues so that gradually you start feeling confident in your own self to carry on with this Keto diet. You could put up certain motivating reminders on your phone, laptop screen, desk so that you are reminded of your goal without relying much on other people. Lastly, you could also have conversation with your colleagues who are you are close to and explain them why this diet is important to you and how could they be instrumental in helping you.